10 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Google AdSense | AdSense Sucks

why i stopped using google adsense. why google adsense sucks.

10 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Google AdSense | AdSense Sucks

Some of my blogger friends always ask me, “Garrett, why do you hate Google AdSense so much?”.

Well, this article is going to be me explaining exactly why! In this article I’m going to explain the Top 10 Reasons Why I Stopped Using Google AdSense.

I’m also going to be explaining why new bloggers should be patient and wait to be accepted to an alternative advertising network. That way they don’t have to deal with the inconsistencies from Google AdSense.


Now I know what you might be thinking, you might be thinking I have personal issues with Google AdSense and that’s why I’m ranting about it.

Trust me though, it’s far from that!

My issue here solely revolves around saving the insanity of new bloggers, as well as anyone else who keeps having issues with Google AdSense. Trust me, there are much BETTER ways to earn income on your blog without using AdSense.

1. Google AdSense Thinks It’s “Okay” To Delay Payments

Back in the day it used to be worse. AdSense publishers had to verify their home address and wait for a piece of mail with a code on it to verify it was your address. Sometimes this piece of mail would take months just to arrive, depending on where you lived.

This method was extremely inefficient, especially for big time publishers who make the big bucks.

The minimum payout threshold has always been the same though. The payout minimum is $100. In the past when it used to be “mail only checks”, I remember my Blogger friends always complaining about how it takes over a month just to receive their payments.

Luckily it’s not like that anymore though. It’s still bad, just not “as bad”. Google has since gone paperless and no longer sends checks in the mail.

The only way to get paid by Google AdSense is their Electric Funds Transfer method or (EFT).

But here’s the kicker. Yeah it’s a direct transfer straight to your bank account, but they’re still pretty slow at it. You would think “multi-billion dollar company shouldn’t be slow at this” but they are, extremely slow.

I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone, but for myself and everyone else I know, AdSense EFT transfers have taken anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Which, for a company the size of Google, it’ absolutely uncalled for.

2. No Control Over What’s Displayed

We all know that Google works with hundreds of thousands of advertisers. Quite frankly, it might even be more than this. Either way, they work with a lot of them.

What sucks is that you as the publisher has no control over what gets displayed on your blog. This means that AdSense has full control over the types of advertisements that your users will see.

What’s bad about about this is, let’s say you have a blog about babies. Typically you’d want advertisements in the baby category to be displayed. But, AdSense has other plans. Instead, AdSense displays advertisements for drones or disability insurance or some other random category.

Not only does this annoy you as the blog onwer and publisher but, it also ruins your user’s experience on your blog as well. I’ve seen bounce rates skyrocket because of Google Ads displaying irrelevant ads. It’s bad news.

3. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Rates Are Extremely Low

First off, I want to explain a little something here. If you’re in a country that’s NOT the United States or somewhere in Europe, you’re not going to make much money at all.

Example: If you’re in a European country or the USA, you’re likely to see up to a $2 cost-per-click if you’re lucky. Actually it could be even more to be honest. It really all depends on which keywords you are using.

Now, this doesn’t add up to very much at all to be honest. The average cost-per-click I have seen is roughly $.20 cents.

Therefore, if your blog isn’t very old, you’re not going to make much at all. Think about it, you have 100-500 daily page views and only get 3-8 clicks per day, that’s only going to make you between $.60-$1.60 which isn’t much at all.

There are much better advertising networks that pay A LOT more than AdSense. Again, I’m not sure why AdSense is so cheap considering they are larger than anyone else. It just doesn’t make any sense. They’re greedy I guess..

In addition, when you grow your blog and have thousands of visitors per day, bigger advertisers will likely contact you to advertise for them anyway. There fore there’s no need for AdSense and you’d make even more.

4. AdSense Bans You For Petty Reasons

To put it simple, once you get banned from Google AdSense, you’re banned for good. There’s no coming back. You’re free to re-apply at a later date but the chances of getting back in are slim to none.

It’s fine though, it’s not really a bad thing if you get banned because like I said before, there are much better solutions than AdSense out there.

Google is pretty selfish and they like to hold grudges. To be quite honest I’m surprised so many people continue to use their services without any support available. Look at Facebook, Facebook gets bashed on almost a weekly basis for not having any kind of support.

But then Google on the other hand, nobody seems to care that they want nothing to do with their users/customers.

5. Email Support Is Almost Non-Existent

If you’re creative¬† enough, you can sometimes dig deep enough and find some email support hidden throughout various AdSense pages. They don’t exactly have a “contact us” form like most advertising solutions.

Good luck though, getting a REAL PERSON to respond to you is slim to none! Again, you’re better off just not using AdSense at all.

Companies like this should always have some kind of support system in place. It only makes sense and the fact they they don’t just proves that they could honestly care less about their publishers.

6. Google AdSense Rules Are Never Ending

Yes, Google expects you to be a pretty little angel that never makes mistakes. Just take a look at their terms and conditions and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

It’s insane as to how many different rules they have set in place! Even when you follow them, they’ll ban you for rules you never even broke! I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count on my fingers in the past 6 years.

And like I said above, once you get the boot, you can never join again!

7. Good Luck Getting Approved In The First Place

So this is another issue with Google AdSense which is kind of understandable but still, they should be a little more lenient.

I’ve been asked by new bloggers many times why Google AdSense won’t approve their blog to serve ads on. Well, welcome to the world of how STRICT Google is! I’ve seen blogs that are one year old get denied to serve ads. It’s pretty sad to be honest.

What’s worse is they don’t even tell you why you get denied. Sometimes they’ll give you an automated, generic response but most likely they won’t tell you anything.

8. AdSense Is HORRIBLE For User Experience!

Since the ads that AdSense serves on your site are irrelevant and unrelated to your content, readers naturally get annoyed and just leave.

In addition, even when they DO click your ads, they’re leaving your site still! This isn’t good because it’s ruining your bounce rate and lessens your chances of being able to sell your own products in your articles.

In addition, you’ll also lose out on a potential subscriber if they click on your ads as well. This ascpect alone just isn’t worth it.

What’s better, having a new subscriber that could turn into one or more potential sales in the long term, or having a reader clicking an ad that goes away from your site and you only earn a lousy $.60?

I’d definitely rather have a new subscriber than an advertisement click!

9. Page Views In The AdSense App Are Inaccurate

This is the most annoying aspect of Google AdSense in my honest opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve logged into both AdSense and Analytics and seen different numbers on both.

For example, one day my page views on AdSense said 927. At the same time, My page views on the Analytics app said 233! I mean honestly, how the F is that even possible?

That’s not the only instance where I have ran into that either. It happens on almost a monthly basis! Happens to some of my friends as well! Yo would think that this billion dollar company would have this kind of shit figured out, but they don’t!

Like I said, the AdSense app is extremely inaccurate. Be careful using it because sometimes you really don’t even know how good or bad your site is doing when it comes to traffic.

10. Estimated Earnings Are Inaccurate Too!

When it comes to earnings, you can pretty much say goodbye. There have been many times where my AdSense app has told me I had over $2,000 in estimated earnings, but on the web version of AdSense it says I only have $900 in estimated earnings.

I mean really, why such a big difference?

Wrapping Up

Now you know why I stopped using Google AdSense. In addition, I hope you learned a little bit about them as well. I used AdSense for a good 4 years on my other other blogs and a little on this one before I stopped using them.

I have to say, I honestly feel a big weight taken off my shoulder from not using them too! No more headaches over inaccurate data!

Note: This blog is mainly a product reviews blog but I write about other topics on here as well. If you end up scrolling through this blog, you might notice a few AdSense ads here and there that are still lingering. I haven’t gotten around to replacing them all yet with my new advertiser’s ads.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any questions about AdSense or would like to chime in on any of this, feel free to leave a comment below!

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4 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the advice. If I decide to monetize my blog, I will not be using AdSense.

    • Garrett says:

      Hey Melissa, yeah just be careful if you change your mind and decide to give it a try. They’re pretty sneaky when it comes to “not being fair”.

  2. Andi Preston says:

    This makes me feel a little better about not getting accepted. Now I just need to know what to apply to instead!

    • Garrett says:

      Hey Andi, appreciate the comment! Here are some alternatives that pay much more than AdSense and their reporting is much more accurate as well. Media.net is a good one, Media Vine is another good one, Flex Offers is another. Media Vine and Flex Offers both have a minimum traffic limit but I’m not sure what the numbers are. Media.net approves almost anyone though and they pay out nicely as well. You’ll need a Payoneer account with them though, they use Payoneer to pay their publishers.

      Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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