6 Reasons Why Nobody Clicks Your AdSense Ads

6 reasons why nobody clicks your adsense ads

It’s 2019, everyone and their mom knows what a Google advertisement looks like these days. This brings me to my first reason, which I will get to in just a minute here. Google AdSense can be pretty useful to have when you have loads of traffic but, if you have very little traffic, nobody will be clicking your ads. However, there are ways you can make your chances better – as far as your ads being clicked. Here are 6 reasons why nobody clicks your AdSense ads. There’s plenty more reasons, but these are the main ones I want to talk about.

1. The times have changed

This one is self-explanatory, the times have changed. Back in 2003 when AdSense first started, it was super easy to make a decent amount of money with AdSense because nobody really knew what it was at the time. You’d visit a blog that was serving AdSense ads and you’d click it, mainly because it was new¬†and you weren’t used to seeing them before.

Nowadays it’s completely the opposite, now everyone is used to them and you can spot them from a mile away. Nine out of ten people don’t like to be bothered while their searching for information or products online. This causes people to naturally be “upset” when they see your ads. It’s sad, but it’s the cold hard truth.

It’s not the end though. I’ll use myself as an example. I despise websites that are glittered in AdSense ads and it just annoys the crap out of me. But I’ll admit, sometimes I’ll be searching for information and I’ll come across an Google ad that’s displaying a product I was recently looking into buying. Those are the ones that catch my eye, and quite frankly, I click almost every time. Just to see the offer. What I’m trying to get at here is that most people aren’t clicking your ads simply because they’re annoyed by seeing them.

2. Your ads aren’t targeting your audience

When you have a blog in a niche such as personal investments, but it’s serving AdSense ads for gardening equipment, you’re surely not going to get any clicks. Reason why: visitors simply don’t have an interest in those types of products, therefore they won’t click. By default, Google uses contextual detection tools to gauge your blog’s potential audience based on its content. When you add content every week that is consistent with your blog’s niche, Google will have a better time serving ads with a greater potential of being clicked.

Another cool thing you can do is change your ad settings. Google allows AdSense advertisers to use interest based options for serving ads. Interest based advertising give you a more effective targeting option to serve ads that are more relevant to your blog’s visitors.

3. Your keyword targeting isn’t the greatest

You can’t really do much about this issue as it’s not even your fault. But, you can still do something about it at least. Ridiculous keyword targeting at the beginning of an advertiser’s campaign can also cause ineffective ad placement. What happens here is, the company thought that by adding as many keywords as possible, it would lead to more conversions. In reality, all it does is pollute your blog with irrelevant ads, causing extremely tiny CTR’s (click-through-rates).

Tip: in the beginning of your campaign, cut your keywords through your AdSense dashboard to block the keywords and advertisers that don’t match your visitor interests. As more relevant ads show on your website, you’ll begin to see improving impressions and CTR’s (click-through-rates).

4. Your website is blocked from serving AdSense ads

If this is your first time using Google AdSense, you may have accidentally blocked the AdSense bot without even realizing it. Because of this, the bot cannot crawl your blog, therefore it can’t serve any ads, which would explain why nobody is clicking on them.You can easily check to see if you blocked bot access by going to “www.websitename.com/robots.txt”. If you see a “Disallow: Mediapartners-Google” stamp on the page, you need to fix this issue right away so you can get back to serving ads.

5. Your ads are displaying below the fold

This one is actually pretty important. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve seen this mistake on, so many bloggers place their ads below the fold and it does absolutely nothing for them. Displaying ads below the fold dramatically lowers interaction rates. When visitors start to scroll down your homepage, their engagement goes on a downward spiral. If you have AdSense ads displaying below the fold, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Switch it up, move them above the fold, at least some of them anyway.

Your going to want to re-position your ads. Move them so that they are higher up on your homepage. This should help increase the number of clicks they receive. If changing the placement does not result in higher CTR, you might want to cut the total number of ads that are being displayed on your blog and check ad targeting as I mentioned earlier in #3.

6. Your have low organic traffic

If your blog has low amounts of organic traffic on a monthly basis, it won’t rank on the first page of Google for key terms with strong search volume. Without steady search engine traffic to fuel impressions, your AdSense ads won’t have enough opportunity to generate clicks. Improving your rankings and increasing organic traffic won’t come over night, but it’s necessary to drive qualified search users to your blog, and your ads.

This brings me to another point. Create the highest quality content that you possibly can! Create content that doesn’t exist anywhere else, it’s be hard but you can do it. Then it’s absolutely critical that you promote your content through various social media channels. You cannot just hit the publish button and expect results. I kind of go through this in another article I recently published called 8 Reasons Why New Bloggers Fail if you’d like to check it out.

Overall, all you have to do is improve your search traffic and optimize the placement of your ads. Also, try restructuring your marketing strategy, and you should be good to go. You do all this, you should start seeing a turn around with your overall CTR. Then you’ll be earning from them sooner than you thought!

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