Success With Blogging – 8 Reasons New Bloggers Fail

8 reasons new bloggers fail

When I first started blogging back in 2012, I had made many mistakes. Over and over it was one mistake after another. The great thing about making all of these mistakes is that … I no longer make them! Reason why: I learned from those mistakes and laugh at myself for making them in the past. Nowadays, I have been successful with blogs because I no longer make these mistakes. This one (Gnarloc) is brand new so it’s not exactly a success “yet”. I wanted to write this article in hopes that I could help some new bloggers so that they DO NOT make the same mistakes I made. Below are 8 reasons why new bloggers fail.

1. They expect to go viral over night

Sorry to say but, growing a following takes time. It’s becoming a lot harder to be heard these days with so many other bloggers posting valuable content every day. To be honest, there’s really only a few tiny niches that haven’t been written about very much. Even if your content is absolutely KING and better than anyone else’s, you most likely have zero chance at being noticed. This is why you NEED to take the time to promote your content on a regular basis. Treat it like a part time job, or even a full time job if you’ve got the extra time.

You need to build and grow your audience, you need to show consistency and endurance so that you can build trust and readers will return for more of your content on a regular basis. In addition, you need email lists, subscribers, and social media followers. Be aware that doing that, takes a lot of time. You have to understand you will not be popular or successful in a day, week, or maybe even months. It really takes a good amount of time.

2. They’re afraid to tell people about their new blog

Believe it or not, many people are just way too scared to tell people about their new blogs. They think they need to be successful before spreading the word. When in reality, that makes absolutely no sense. They need to be spreading the word, seconds after hitting that publish button on their first article!

To put it simple, these people have it all wrong. You have a brand new blog, nobody expects perfection right away. All you have to do is tell people that the blog is new. To be honest, the people closest to you will more than likely think its awesome – and if they don’t, who gives a shit. Truth is: how do you expect to be “well known” without telling people who you are, or that you exist?

3. They’re scared to finish a post

Lately, I’ve been talking to some friends and they always ask me how I manage to write so many articles. In reality, I live what I’m writing about most times. I’m extremely active on social media,  grow my presence on social media, and I write about my experiences. Quite frankly, sometimes the things that happen leave me speechless when I publish a new post (it’s that good).

Some of my friends say they love to write as well, but they never feel “ready” to publish. Their article might not be perfect, so they keep working on it. At the end of it all, they end up having one giant article every few months, but that’s clearly not enough. Honestly, they should be breaking up a giant article like that into pieces and creating 2 or 3 separate articles out of it.

There are many reasons why people do not publish a post: They fear their reader’s reaction, they want to include everything and never get the feeling they have it all covered, they get distracted and start a ton of posts but never get to finish them…

You need a set schedule. It should not necessarily be set in stone, but you should try to stick to it – and finish a post at every publication date.

4. They think their done after hitting the publish button

There are thousands of bloggers out there who have excellent content out there, but nobody knows they exist. One of the biggest myths in blogging is that if you have superior content, you’re going to get noticed.

Let’s just say that this myth is total bullshit.

You are the one who is responsible for getting your content seen by the world. Even though there might be a time in the future when you are super famous to where you don’t need to market your content anymore, when starting out, you have to work your ass off to get your content to be seen by the greater public.

In fact, the success of new bloggers only “somewhat” depends on the quality of your content. To the larger part, it depends on how good the blogger is at marketing their content. This includes tons of digital marketing. Identify your audience, identify ways to reach your audience, optimize EVERYTHING, grow your following, and repeat!

5. They think it’s all about them

I mean, ya you can certainly just write for yourself, nothing wrong with that at all. However, if you want a large following, you need to consider what your potential audience is interested in. Let me put it this way, people will not read your content just to do you a favor, people tend to turn to the content that gives them the best value in the form of targeted information. This is especially true in a world that is highly oversaturated with content in the same niche. Create the best content for your target audience and they will more than likely come back for more.

6. They think being successful is about writing

I mean, it kind of is. But, a successful blog also depends on the structure and technique behind it. It’s about optimizing your layout, design, images, etc. It’s also about building connections with your followers and marketing yourself and your content as well.

Trust me when I say this, blogging is NOT all about the writing. In fact, writing is just a very tiny portion of it all. Think of it this way, when you’re writing a new article, you really have to do a little bit of problem solving, researching, and much more. Writing is literally just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

7. They think Blogging is a one and done type of thing

Being a successful blogger is also about building relationships with your readers/followers. Your job does not end with hitting the publish button. If you find an audience and they show interest in your content, they comment on your posts, and are willing to connect with you, you need to be open to answer to them. If you don’t you’re going to miss out! Honestly, sometimes when readers comment on your post, they provide you with valuable insight to what you might have missed in your article as well. Don’t be an asshole about it by ignoring your readers. Connect and engage with them.

8. They block their content with annoying pop-ups

This is more of a user-experience issue than anything else. But, it plays a HUGE role in whether or not your readers will be coming back to read more or not. Think about if you were the reader, would you want to come back to a blog that blasts a pop-up in your face every time you scroll down the page? Good lord NO! Well, this is one of the biggest reasons new bloggers fail. Just because they see pop-ups on other blogs, they think they need a pop-up on their NEW blog as well. In reality, all these people are doing is setting themselves up for failure. Nobody wants to be bombarded with popups.

If you want to use pop-ups to build a subscriber list or for something else that’s useful, wait awhile at least. Don’t go adding pop-ups if your blog is brand spanking new! Nobody likes them.

Thinking about starting a new blog for yourself? Have you already started one – but failed? There is still time to fix your mistakes. I’ll leave the comments open, feel free to drop a comment if you’d like to chat about it.

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