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About Me

Hi, I’m Garrett!

I am the owner/main writer here on the Gnarloc Blog. I have been digital entrepreneur since 2013 and wouldn’t trade it for any other career/lifestyle.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to sell you some lame ass eCourse or anything like you see on most blogs these days. I mainly write product reviews as I really enjoy helping people when decided to buy their favorite products. I also write about other topics on occasion as well, such as: blogging tips, relationships, lifestyle, etc.

Since I am a product reviewer, I do sell affiliate products and you can find that info on my affiliate disclaimer page in the bottom of the page. I also sell my own downloadable products as well. You will see them scattered throughout my blog articles. I use a secure checkout system with PayPal for those products.

I hope you enjoy my reading material as it will only get better as time goes on. I normally try to post a new article on a daily basis. Although, it gets tough at times because I have 3 other blogs I write for on a daily basis as well.

Thanks for reading!

What “Gnarloc” Means

I get this question quite often. First let me explain it is pronounced “NAR-LOCK”. The name Gnarloc came from my past days of being a mobile application developer. In 2012 I was software engineer in my career and I was building mobile applications at the time.

Well, I had a great idea for building a mobile app for the ski resort/action sports industry that was location based. In addition, let me say that in the skiing and snowboarding community, the word “GNAR” gets used a lot. It’s slang for “dope” or “cool” and words like that, and you usually only hear this word in the action sports communities.

The name of the app I was going to create was going to be called “Gnarloc” — (Gnar) for being action sports involved, and (loc) because it was going to be a location based app. I put them together and created the name Gnarloc.

So now that you know where the name came from, I’ll explain why I’m using it for this. Well, the app ended up not working out. Budget ran thin on the project and I ultimately had to abort the project. But, I still had the website domain www.gnarloc.com and I had it purchased for the next 5 years. Since I wasn’t going to be creating an app with it, I decided to just turn it into a blog and that’s how this blog was formed.

I understand it doesn’t mean much to random readers, and I don’t expect it to either. But, it still is a unique name that you probably have never heard of before so I’m going for uniqueness here.

That’s the story behind “Gnarloc”.