Last updated on April 12th, 2020


Hey there! We’re Gnarloc Product Reviews! (Established in March of 2017)

We’re a small team of 3 from the state of Wisconsin that loves to dive deep into all the latest products and gadgets on the market!

We spend hours and hours researching each and every product that we suggest in our blog and on our YouTube channel – 5 Best Products. We do this so that we can help consumers make smarter buying decisions while shopping online. We also do this so that consumers don’t have to waste hours of their own time researching reviews themselves.

We heavily research products because we truly enjoy helping people make smarter buying decisions because we have had many instances of buying “the wrong product” for ourselves in the past, as I’m sure many of you have as well.

Since we are a product research site, we do promote affiliate products and you can find that info on our affiliate disclaimer page in the bottom menu of any page.

We are based in the state of Wisconsin and we hope you enjoy our content!

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With that said, thanks for reading!

What “Gnarloc” Means

We get this question quite often. First, let me explain that it is pronounced “NAR-LOCK”. The name Gnarloc came from my past days of being a mobile application developer. In 2012 I was a mobile app developer and I was part of various teams that would build mobile applications for various tech startups.

During my work as a developer, I had a great idea for building a mobile app for the ski resort/action sports industry that was location-based. In addition, let me say that in the skiing and snowboarding community, the word “GNAR” used to get used frequently. Riders would use it in sentences such as “We’re shredding the gnar”.

The name of the app I was going to create was going to be called “Gnarloc” — (Gnar) for being action sports involved, and (loc) because it was going to be a location-based app. I put them together and created the name Gnarloc.

So now that you know where the name came from, I’ll explain why I’m using it for this website.

To make this short and sweet, the app ended up not working out. The budget ran thin on the project and I ultimately had to abort the project. But, I still had the website domain and I had it purchased for the next 5 years. Since I wasn’t going to be creating an app with it, I decided to use the name for our product review site.

I understand it doesn’t mean much to everyday readers, and I don’t expect it to either. But, it is a unique name that you probably have never heard of before so I’m going for uniqueness here.

That’s the story behind “Gnarloc”.