Top 5 Best Personal Finance Books For Millennials

Top 5 Best Personal Finance Books For Millennials

Last updated on January 15th, 2020

best personal finance books for millenials

Today we’re going to show you some of the best personal finance books for millennials!

You’re a millennial, right? Have you ever dreamt of being rich, or at least somewhat wealthy? Well, guess what? These books will make you rich! If you’re willing to do what it takes, anyone can reach a wealthy status.

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but you will get rich or somewhat wealthy and have a more lucrative relationship with money in the long-term.

Literally, billions of dollars have been made by millennials because of the recommendations to these books. There are literally thousands of these kinds of best-selling books. Reading just one or three of them will be an exceptionally great use of your time. Especially if you want to secure a phenomenal financial future for yourself.

Even if you just read a few of these books, your financial future will more than likely be in the hundreds of thousands. I know what you’re thinking, “it sounds too good to be true”, right? You’re absolutely right, it does sound too good to be true, but here’s the thing, you can’t ignore the success that thousands of millennials have had from reading books like these. Especially considering you can literally do anything you want as long as you’re committed and stay consistent.

These books will teach you all that. Even if you only spend 1-3 hours reading each day. The amount of knowledge and value you will gain will be unlike anything you have learned previously about securing a financial future. The ROI of your time spent reading these books will compound exponentially.

Best Personal Finance Books For Millennials

1. Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier

financial freedom personal finance book

Financial Freedom was written by a millennial and is intended for millennials. However, readers of all ages from all around the world have gotten value from it.

So let me ask you this, what would you do if you didn’t have to work for money? You don’t have to have a large sum of money in the bank to experience more freedom and have more time in your life for the things you love.

If your goal is to secure a financial future then you must understand that money is infinite and time is not. If this is your goal, you will want to become financially independent as fast as possible.

While the book is about how to reach financial independence as quickly as possible, it’s also about how to make more money in less time, and a lot more than that.

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2. Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez

your money or your life personal finance book

For more than twenty-five years, Your Money or Your Life has been considered the go-to book for taking back your life by changing your relationship with money. Hundreds of thousands of people have followed this nine-step program, learning to live more deliberately and meaningfully with Vicki Robin’s guidance.

Whether you’re just beginning your financial life or heading towards retirement, this book will show you how to:

  • Get out of debt and develop savings.
  • Save money through mindfulness and good habits, rather than strict budgeting.
  • Declutter your life and live well for less.
  • Invest your savings and begin creating wealth.
  • Save the planet while saving money.
  • and so much more!

“This is a wonderful book. It can really change your life.” – Oprah

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Also Read:

3. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

the millionaire next door personal finance book

The best-selling The Millionaire Next Door identifies seven common traits that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth. Most of the truly wealthy in this country don’t live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue-they live next door.

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4. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias

the only investment guide you'll ever need

For nearly forty years, The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need has been a favorite finance guide, earning the allegiance of more than a million readers across America. This completely updated edition will show you how to use your money to your best advantage in today’s financial marketplace, no matter what your means.

Using concise, witty, and truly understandable tips and explanations, Andrew Tobias delivers sensible advice and useful information on savings, investments, preparing for retirement, and much more.

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5. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

the millionaire real estate investor

Anyone who seeks financial wealth must first learn the fundamental truths and models that drive it. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor represents the collected wisdom and experience of over 100 millionaire investors from all walks of life who pursued financial wealth and achieved the life-changing freedom it delivers.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is your handbook to the tried and true financial wealth-building vehicle that rewards patience and perseverance and is available to all–real estate. You’ll learn:

  • Myths about money and investing and how to develop the mindset of a millionaire investor.
  • How to develop sound criteria for identifying great real estate investment opportunities.
  • Zero-in on the key terms of any transaction and achieve the best possible deals.
  • How to develop the “dream team” that will help you build your millionaire investment business.
  • Proven models and strategies millionaire investors use to track their net worth, understand their finances, build their network, lead generate for properties and acquire them.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is about you and your money. It’s about your financial potential. It’s about discovering the millionaire investor in you.

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Wrap Up

Whether you’re stuck at a 9-5 job that you hate or you just don’t think that “working for someone else” is cut out for you, you need to be taking actionable steps to be able to work for yourself.

The thing is, if you truly want it bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Your financial future matters. If you’re the type of individual who loves to take action and make things happen, then these books are for you!

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