Best Place To Buy Cologne & Perfume In 2019

best place to buy cologne and perfume and earn huge rewards

I’m a fragrance enthusiast. I love a good smelling fragrance on any given day. Who doesn’t?

But, I’ve been burned before on a few occasions and it really pisses me off when it happens.

When buying fragrances online, you really have to do your homework on the business you’re buying from. Make sure they’re authentic about their company, to ensure that their fragrances are legit!

Anyway, let me tell you a little about my experience with fake cologne.

Last year (November 2018) I wanted a bottle of Acqua Di Gio Absolu. I went to Amazon and found a seller who had tons of 5 star reviews which made me feel like I could “trust” them. Well, never again will I be “trusting” someone selling cologne on Amazon. I bought the fragrance and when it came to my house, this cologne was so so fake. It smelled NOTHING like the real Acqua Di Gio Absolu. I even took the bottle to JCPenny to do a scent comparison and my god, it was so off. In addition, the fragrance I got from Amazon was cloudy as hell. It wasn’t clear and crisp like it should have been. I got RIPPED OFF and boy was I pissed!

So yeah, now you know my horrific fragrance story, and I wanted to write this article because since then, I have found one of the best places to buy fragrances from. This new place is great. So here is the best place to buy cologne and perfume in 2019 and beyond!

Sharp Aroma (

This place is new (I think) but good lord, they are amazing and I am glad I found them. Since I’m a fragrance enthusiast and buy cologne on a regular basis, this is huge for me.

What They Offer

Sharp Aroma offers true, authentic fragrances. They are a little pricier than discount stores, but they aren’t as expensive as full retail either, which is nice. Since January 2019, I have bought 6 bottles of cologne from them and every single bottle has been legit so far. The other nice thing about them is that they get my order shipped within 24 hours of me placing my order! In addition, I contacted them via their live chat on their website and the customer support was flawless and very helpful.

Sharp Aroma is safe to buy from and according to their website, their main offices are located in the Midwest USA and have warehouses in NYC and Arizona.

According to their website, they carry over 8,000 designer cologne’s and perfume’s, I can assure you that they do as well. They have every major brand that everyone else has.

Fragrance Rewards

Here’s the best part about Sharp Aroma, they have some of the BEST fragrance rewards on the market! Another place I used to buy from in the past had a points program where if you spent $500 and racked up 500 points, you’d get a measly 5-10% off your entire order. But check this out, at Sharp Aroma … fragrance lovers such as myself will get $50 off their next order for reaching 500 points! Actually, it’s not even 500 points with them, you only have to get 460 points to get the $50 off discount!

These guys are definitely here for the customers. These guys know what’s up when it comes to buying your favorite cologne and perfume.

Other Stores I Have Tried

I’ve tried buying from other stores in the past as well. But so far, none of them even compare to the value I get out of Sharp Aroma. Here are some of the few places I’ve tried in the past and a little bit about each one.


MaxAroma is a cologne and perfume shop as well. My first order with them wasn’t the greatest. It took them 72 hours (3 days) to get my order shipped out. I’m not complaining too much, but that just doesn’t seem acceptable to me. In addition, their rewards program doesn’t really do anything for me. This is the place where if you get to 500 point (spend $500) you only get 5% off.


FragranceX is a legit store but what scares me about FragranceX is that their prices are way too low! Their prices are so low that they almost scare you to think that their selling you fake fragrances! I mean, some of their expensive brands should be priced much higher than they are which freaks me out a bit. Here’s an example, Clive Christian sells their No.1 Pure fragrance at $850. FragranceX sells the same bottle for $475. Something isn’t right there. That just screams “fake” to me. In addition, their rewards program is junk as well. With their rewards program, once you spend $1,000 you get 10% off your next order. You have to spend $1,000 just to get a measly 10% off! Screw that!


FragranceNet is another legit company but again, their prices are the exact same as FragranceX and they just scare the crap out of you. I mean, who wants to spend $300 on an expensive brand and take the chance that it might be fake? It’s just not worth it. In addition, they don’t really have a rewards program or anything like that. Also, their shipping takes forever! Just like MaxAroma, my order wasn’t shipped until 72 hours later. Last thing about them is I actually had a bad experience with their customer service. I called them and the lady was not very nice with me at all, it’s almost as if she was being rude to me because she didn’t get a smoke break or something!

Wrapping Up

Overall, there are tons of places that sell legit fragrances. Really though, it all boils down to the value you get from each store. For me, I get the most value from Sharp Aroma. Their rewards are just phenomenal and it’s so easy to sign up and check your points and everything. Very modern site that they have. Check them out, you’ll be glad that you did.

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