Top 5 Best Teeth Whitening Kits | Tips To Keep Your Teeth White

top 5 best teeth whiteners in 2019

Top 5 Best Teeth Whitening Kits | Tips To Keep Your Teeth White

Let’s face it, we all hate it when our teeth start to turn darker shades away from white! We want that beautiful smile. Those white teeth that you see on TV etc. We tested reviewed 10 different teeth whitening kits ourselves and listed our top 5 picks.

What sucks about not having white teeth is that it causes us to feel self-conscience about our smile. We look at other people’s teeth and see how white they are and wonder why we can’t have teeth as white as theirs! Well, I promise you that with the right kind of whitening kit, diet, and oral care, you can get a hyper white smile and keep it for the long term.

In this review, we listed the top 5 best teeth whiteners for stained teeth and yellow teeth. This list was created based on our findings during testing and we also chose our picks based on price, ingredients, effectiveness and more.

A good teeth whitener can do wonders for your smile. Whether you have yellow teeth or stained teeth from coffee or smoking, these top 5 best teeth whiteners will whiten your teeth over time. Keep in mind that in order for these teeth whiteners to be effective, you must use them as often as directed.

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In This Product Review

  1. What Are Teeth Whitening Kits?
  2. Can’t I Just Get My Teeth Whitened At The Dentist?
  3. Top 5 Best Teeth Whitening Kits
  4. Tip To Help Keep Your Teeth White
  5. Wrap Up

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1. What Are Teeth Whitening Kits?

We aren’t dental hygienists by any means, but we did get to test each and every teeth whitening kit that we ended up choosing for our picks. With that said, we were able to learn a lot about teeth and why they get stained, why they turn yellow, and why they’re so hard to turn white again.

The truth is, you’ll never be able to get them to be as white as paper unless you get veneers. However, the good thing is you CAN get them to be a shade that’s very close to what veneers look like. (If you aren’t sure what veneers are, you can learn about them here.)

This is why teeth whitening kits were introduced into the market. Teeth whitening kits were created so that regular people like you and I can get our teeth multiple shades whiter, for the price of a tank of gas in your car.

Teeth whitening kits come in many different types of applications and we’ll list each type of application below.

Whitening Toothpaste

I’ll be honest, whitening toothpaste is not recommended if you want to see results in a matter of a few weeks. These kinds of toothpaste generally have baking soda in them and as we all know, baking soda has chemical properties that can eat away at stains. But there isn’t much baking soda in these kinds of toothpaste, therefore it could take months of brushing before you even start to see the slightest bit of results.

Charcoal Powder

This stuff is messy, but it DOES work overtime. One of our product testers used the charcoal powder two times per day for seven days and his teeth were significantly whiter. Not hyper white, but definitely whiter than they were before.

The only issue with charcoal powder is it gets stuck in your gums. You have to floss very deep and brush a 2nd or 3rd time just to get the charcoal out of your gums. This stuff can be pretty messy if you get it on the counter or on your clothes too. But overall, the charcoal powder does work pretty good and does its job.


I’m sure you know what Whitestrips are already. These strips that you put on your teeth are pretty great for some people. However, they can also be really bad for some people.

Some people have more sensitive teeth and the Whitestrips almost give off a slight pain in the tooth itself. If you try these, just be aware that this can happen. If it does, it doesn’t mean that the product is bad, it just means that your teeth are more on the sensitive side.

Whitestrips do work pretty well though, and they’re kind of nice because you can wear them on-the-go wherever you want as well.

Gel Teeth Trays/LED Lights

In our opinion, this method works the best and the fastest as well. These kits generally come with syringes filled with whitening gel. All you do is put the whitening gel in the tray and put the tray on your teeth. After that, you take the LED light, put it in your mouth and the mixture of the light and the gel creates a chemical reaction on your teeth that makes them white.

It’s pretty cool and honestly, it’s the absolute best method if you want your teeth white in the quickest time possible. This method can be a little messy as well but it’s really not too bad.

2. Can’t I Just Get My Teeth Whitened At The Dentist?

Technically you could just go get your teeth whitened at the dentist. If money isn’t an issue for you, then the dentist is probably your best option, to be honest. But teeth whitening kits were created for people who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg at the dentist just to get their teeth whitened.

Dental offices charge a pretty penny and you will likely have to keep coming back in “stages” just to get them to the exact shade of white that you’re after. Overall, it’s best just to do it yourself these days. You don’t have to make an appointment for it, and you can do it on your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

3. Top 5 Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Below are our top 5 picks for the best teeth whitening kits. Each kit was tested by us and we saw significant results with each and every one. The choice is yours as to which method of application you prefer which is why we listed three different types. The teeth whitening kits you will find below are gel trays with an led light, charcoal powder, Whitestrips, and teeth whitening pen as well.


1. ActiveWow Teeth Whitening Kit

best teeth whiteners in 2019

Removes years worth of stains for a white smile in just a few applications. Far more effective than other whitening options as this customized solution comes with trays that perfectly mold to your mouth, ensuring whitening exactly where you want it.

Simply load the gel into the included mouth trays, and insert snugly against your teeth, and wait for 5-15 minutes for best results. Rinse gel off teeth after use and do not ingest the gel. Results can be seen after only a few uses.

It is best, to begin with, shorter treatments to gauge teeth sensitivity. You can also customize your trays for maximum comfort, as well as apply the solution directly to your teeth with a cotton swab to maximize coverage over your teeth in your visible smile area.

Product Details:

  • Active Wow Premium Grade Teeth Whitening Kit – Whiten your teeth in as little as one use with easy to use thermal-form trays that fit your teeth perfectly.
  • Includes everything needed to whiten your teeth – 2x Whitening Syringes, 2x Remineralization Gel, 2x Professional Trays (Plus 1x Bonus Tray), 1x Whitening Accelerator Light, 1x Tray Case for easy storage.
  • 100% Satisfaction – Whiter teeth, or your money back. It’s that simple!
  • Proudly made in the USA unlike other kits – Made with quality control and integrity as a focus using only the best ingredients and materials.
  • Quick and painless – Use once a day for 15 minutes to remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more with light-activated acceleration technology.
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ActiveWow Charcoal Powder

2. ActiveWow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

best teeth whitening solutions in 2019

Derived from the highest-quality coconut sources, Active Wow’s activated charcoal formula is safe to use for whitening your teeth, while being easy on your gums. Active Wow naturally whitens your teeth, not through harsh dental-grade whitening peroxides, but through the power of Activated Charcoal, nature’s best purifies and detoxifiers.

Active Wow’s unique formula whitens your teeth over time, and helps remove stains from a number of causes: coffee-stains, wine, cigarettes, and more – all without harsh chemicals or bleach.

Product Details:

  • THE ORIGINAL – Best Selling Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder.
  • MADE IN THE USA – And 3rd party tested for safety. Active Wow can be used daily. Be careful with other brands that can’t say the same.
  • WHITEN YOUR TEETH – No sensitivity, premium organic charcoal, excellent for gum health.
  • ORGANIC – Refined organic coconut charcoal powder from the purest sources.
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Crest Whitestrips

3. Crest 3D Whitestrips

best teeth whitening solutions in 2019

Achieve professional-level teeth whitening results and remove 14 years of stains in just 30 minutes a day with Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects. You’ll see a whiter smile after 3 days, and full results in 20 days. As a bonus, this kit contains two treatments of 1 Hour Express that quickly reveal same-day results for a noticeably whiter smile.

Product Details:

  • Professional Effects delivers professional-level teeth whitening results and removes 14 years of teeth stains for a whiter smile. Usage Instructions – use once a day for one hour 1) Peel, 2) Apply, 3) Reveal your whiter smile.
  • 1 Hour Express whitens teeth faster than ever, even when there’s no time to plan and removes years of stains in just 1 hour for a noticeably whiter smile.
  • Advanced Seal Technology’s no-slip grip stays put so you can talk and drink water while whitening teeth. Usage- Apply once a day for 30 minutes. You’ll start seeing a whiter smile after three days with full results in 20.
  • 20 Professional Effects and 2 1 Hour Express teeth whitening strip treatments, each with 1 upper and 1 lower strip. For best results use with Crest 3D White Toothpaste.
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AuraGlow Whitening

4. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

best teeth whiteners in 2019

Let’s face it, store-bought teeth whitening strips and moldable trays are hard to use, messy and deliver poor results. Teeth whitening at the dentist is expensive and takes hours. With the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit, you can get noticeable results after 1 treatment in just 30 minutes per day. Once you experience our teeth whitening kit, you’ll never go back to store-bought brands or unpleasant dentist visits.

Product Details:

  • Teeth whitening kit includes accelerator light that speeds up the whitening process. LED light contains 5 bulbs for more power and has a built-in timer with beeper so you can easily keep track of your whitening session time.
  • Kit includes (2) 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes, containing 35% carbamide peroxide and a total of 20+ whitening treatments. The gel is made in the USA, gluten-free, kosher, safe for enamel and produces no tooth sensitivity.
  • Mouth tray requires no molding or boiling, which means the tray fits any mouth and allows you to whiten the top and bottom teeth at the same time comfortably.
  • Use once a day for 30 minutes and remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more. See visible results and whiter teeth after just 1 teeth whitening treatment with this kit.
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AuraGlow Pen

5. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

best teeth whiteners in 2019

If you’re a busy person looking for a hassle-free way to whiten your teeth, then get ready to experience the most powerful solution to a whiter smile in just 1 minute per day. No more dentist visits, annoying moldable trays or products that take hours to use. This pen will whiten your teeth AND save you time so you can focus on the important things in life!

Product Details:

  • The compact and portable whitening pen makes it effortless to whiten your teeth at home or on-the-go. Simply twist the bottom of the pen to expose the whitening gel and paint onto each tooth to whiten in under 1 minute. No trays, molds, dentist visits or mess to deal with!
  • It contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel to break down and remove stains on the surface of the teeth from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more! Pen includes 15+ whitening treatments and gel comes in a cool, mint-flavor for a refreshing smile every time. The gel is made in the USA, gluten-free, kosher and safe for enamel.
  • Use this pen 1-2 times per day in the comfort of your own home, at the office or on-the-go. See visible results after just a few treatments and get 4-8 shades whiter with consecutive use. Perfect for removing years of stains or maintaining your already bright and beautiful smile!
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4. Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth White!

In this day in age, we all want our teeth looking as white as possible. Here are some tips to help keep your teeth white after whitening them with a whitening product.

Lay Off The Coffee

Easier said than done right? I know the feeling. But, when you lay off the coffee you’re giving your teeth a chance to get rid of the coffee stains. Coffee stains your teeth pretty badly. It’s like spilling grape juice on a white carpet every day for a year straight. That’s the same effect that coffee has on your teeth. If you really need your coffee, drink it through a straw that way the coffee doesn’t have a chance to touch your teeth at all.

Lay Off The Acidic Beverages

This one is tough as well but very important. Too many people drink high acidic beverages on a daily basis and they don’t even realize what damage it’s doing to their teeth! Everything from soda, juice, energy drinks, they’re all very high in acid. What’s bad about acidic beverages is that they tear off your enamel like it’s nobody’s business.

Think about it this way, every time you drink a soda, it’s like taking a hand sander to the brand new paint on your walls. Except the paint is your tooth enamel in this scenario. When that enamel starts to come off, the dyes and other random junk in that soda are free to latch onto your teeth, making them stain.

Lay Off The Cigarettes

For those of you who smoke and still use whitening products, you’re just wasting your money. It’s pointless. You see, smoking cigarettes is literally a tooth killer when it comes to yellowing. Your teeth weren’t made to withstand carbon monoxide being thrown at them on a daily basis! Of course, they’re going to yellow! Lay off the cigarettes or make it a life choice to quit for good if you truly want your teeth white for the long-term.

Start Brushing More Often

Some people don’t brush the recommended amount each day. I’m not trying to purposely point you out but this is another reason why teeth turn yellow. You should be brushing twice a day at the very minimum. Some people brush after every meal, which is a very good habit to get into if you can. In addition, make sure you get your teeth cleaned professionally at least twice a year.

5. Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking to get your teeth a few shades whiter or you just want to lift a few stains, the teeth whitening kits above will do the job. We feel as if we have given you plenty of information about teeth whitening and hope that we have been able to help some of you as well.

If you have any questions about any of these teeth whitening kits, feel free to leave a comment below. Or, if you would rather contact us directly, use the contact form on our contact page and we will respond as soon as we can!

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