Top 5 Best Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Top 5 Best Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Last updated on January 15th, 2020

best two stage snow blowers

Today we’re going to show you the top 5 best two stage snow blowers!

We’re also going to give you some other useful information if you’re not quite sure what to look for in a new snowblower.

Our small team of 4 took a trip to The Home Depot to find out which snowblowers were the most popular, and which ones were the best in overall performance.

We spent over 30 hours in the store throughout the weekend and let me tell you, we had a lot of fun learning about some of the newer technology.

We’re not here to show you the “cheapest” models either, our goal is to recommend the absolute BEST products out there.

Whether you’ve recently moved to an area that gets a lot of snow or you just need a new snowblower, we’re going to show you the absolute best two-stage machines to get the job done.

Let’s face it, shoveling sucks. Some people like it because it’s a nice workout, but to most of us, it just sucks. That’s where snowblowers come into the picture.

Your “winter life” will be much less miserable not having to think about going out and shoveling after a big snowfall.

In addition, having a good-quality snowblower will drastically reduce your time spent out in the cold as well.

Finding the perfect best two-stage snowblower really boils down to its overall features, power, and the amount of snow you’re planning on dealing with.

Below you will find a table of contents that will show you what this review is all about. In addition, we hope you enjoy this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In This Product Review

  • What Is A Snow Blower
  • Do You Need A New Snow Blower?
  • Features To Look For In A Snow Blower
  • Top 5 Best Two-Stage Snow Blowers
  • Wrap Up

What Is A Snow Blower

Snowblowers are pretty self-explanatory. However, some people have never seen a snowblower before because they have never lived in a colder climate.

If you’re someone who has never lived in a colder climate, you’re going to need a snowblower. Depending on which part of the country you are in, you’re going to need a good one too.

For example, if you’re living in or near the Pacific Northwest or the North-Eastern part of the country, you’re going to want a Two-Stage or Three-Stage snow blower that has no problem battling 2-feet of snow.

On the other hand, if you’re living in the Midwest, you can get by with a smaller snowblower since they don’t normally get as much snow as people who live in the mountains.

We’re from the Northern tip of Wisconsin and people here have no problem using a One-Stage or Two-Stage snowblower. However, something as large as a Three-Stage would be overkill for the amount of snow we get here.

If you’re not familiar with snow blowers and have no idea what they are, I’ll explain below.

Snowblowers are basically electric or gas-powered machines that eat-up the snow and spit the snow off into another direction. Usually, the snow gets thrown into an area that you won’t need to be cleared.

These machines are large, powerful, and they are pretty noisy as well. But they work like a charm!

Do You Need A New Snow Blower?

Did you just move to an area that usually gets a lot of snow in the winter and you don’t currently have a snowblower?

Or maybe you already live in an area with snow and it’s time to replace the old one?

Either way, these are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself to figure out if you need a new snowblower or not.

But still, how do you know if you really need a snowblower? Maybe you can just get by with a shovel, right?

Well, no matter how big or small your driveway and sidewalks are, you definitely don’t want to be clearing the bulk of it with a shovel.

Snowblowers are beasts of a machine and are built for the purpose of making your life easier. (And for clearing your snow, of course.)

This way you don’t have to take any chances on throwing out your back with a shovel, or missing out on your favorite TV show or sports game.

In addition, most snow blowers are self-propelled which is a huge help when you wake up to 14″ of snow that fell while you were asleep.

After all, the less effort you have to put in, the better, right?

Even if you only get six or eight inches of snow, you still have to deal with the local snow plows.

It’s great that they’re clearing the roads for everyone, but you still have to deal with the giant pile of heavy snow that they leave across the end of your driveway.

Snowblowers are great for that purpose alone, considering that snow is usually hard, icy, and heavy from the snowplow piling it up at the end of the driveway.

A two-stage snowblower will eat-up that snow with no problems whatsoever. Whereas a shovel might take you an hour just to get through it all, and hurt your lower back.

One Last Reason …

One last reason why you should consider a two-stage snow blower is if you have a gravel driveway.

The reason why a two-stage is better for gravel is that a one-stage will likely pick up the gravel and throw it around everywhere. That wouldn’t be ideal.

A two-stage snowblower sits a little higher than a single-stage, therefore it won’t pick up the gravel whatsoever.

Features To Look For In A Snow Blower

When you wake up in the morning and realize you have to go outside and clear the driveway, the last thing you want to think about is pulling a cord just to start the machine.

It’s cold outside, you’re likely in two or three layers of warm clothes, and it’s probably a little windy outside as well.

Below are three main features you definitely want in a two-stage snowblower.

Electric Start

Most two-stage snowblowers come with an electric start motor. Electric start motors eliminate the need to pull a string to start the machine.

This way you can 100% certain that your snowblower will start immediately without hesitation.

Wide Clearance

Having a wide clearance refers to the width of the augur. You want to make sure that your snowblower has at least an 18-inch width minimum, go wider if you can.

The wider it is, the better it is, and the more snow you can throw in a single pass.

Most snowblowers come in 18 to 24 inches wide, and you can find them up to 26 inches or more.

Plastic Chute

The plastic chute is the tall, elongated piece of plastic that sticks up like a stack pipe on a semi-truck.

This plastic chute is where your snow is going to “throw” from.

What’s great about a plastic chute versus a metal chute is that when the snow is wet, the snow won’t stick the sides like it would in a metal chute.

Plastic chutes are perfect if you have a paved driveway and paved sidewalks.

However, if you’re dealing with gravel, then you’ll want a metal chute so that the gravel doesn’t eat-up the interior of the chute (if any were to come up).

Top 5 Best Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Now we’re going to show our top 5 best two-stage snow blowers!

As we stated earlier, we only recommend the absolute best products out there. So some of these are quite pricey.

Our favorite is this first one, the Ariens RapidTrak. Want to know why? I bought this beast last winter for myself personally and it’s the absolute BEST winter purchase I have ever made.

This snow blower is an absolute beast when it comes to removing any type of snow. Whether it’s heavy, light, or icy, this machine gets the job done in record timing.

I live in the entrance of a pine forest and have an 80-foot blacktop driveway. I’m able to clear my driveway with an average of 6-inches of snow in about an hour.

The tracks are what makes it super easy to handle. Track-drive systems go through anything and I will never run out of good things to say about this machine.

The other machines are great as well as I mentioned earlier, we spent many hours gathering research and talking to people about these snowblowers.

Below are our top 5 picks for the best two-stage snow blowers!

1. Ariens RapidTrak

best two stage snow blowers

The Ariens RapidTrak Professional 32 is designed and built for professionals but is also widely used by homeowners who don’t mess around when it comes to clearing snow.

With the RapidTrak Professional 32, Ariens introduces RapidTrak Sno-Thro technology, an innovative system designed to combine the best of both wheeled and track Sno-Thro machines.

The track design gives users the option of using a full track system for ultimate grip and traction or adjusting the back wheel of the track up, creating a faster, more maneuverable system.

Product Details

  • Powerful 420cc Ariens polar force engine by Briggs & Stratton with hydrostatic drive for infinite speed control.
  • Large 32 in. clearing width and 23.5 in. intake height equals less back and forth when clearing your walkways and driveways.
  • Hydrostatic drive provides infinite speed control letting you find the perfect speed for your specific clearing job.
  • Heavy-duty 14 in. 3-blade all-steel impeller and 16 in. serrated steel auger aggressively pulls the snow in and throws it up to 60 ft. away–making quick work of what winter brings your way.
  • Moves 79 tons of snow per hour, which is up to 2633 lbs. per minute.
  • 120-Volt electric push-button start provides quick and easy starting on even the coldest days.
  • Hand warmers help take an edge off on those frigid mornings.
  • The reinforced transmission provides increased torque to get through the piles of the snow faster.
  • Dual-belt drive delivers maximum torque with minimal strain on belts.
  • Included drift cutters help you carve throw the deep snow on those days of epic snowfalls.
  • Large in-dash halogen headlight provides extended snow removal time and added safety in early morning or evening hours.
View at The Home Depot

2. Honda Hydrostatic Track Drive Gas Snow Blower

best two stage snow blowers

Honda’s HSS1332AAT is the machine to satisfy your snow removal needs with the ultimate in comfort, control, and convenience. It’s a product that you can trust in your time of need. It packs serious snow clearing power from its reliable, easy starting and fuel-efficient Honda commercial-grade GX390 engine.

Additionally, with the outstanding grip provided by its rubber tracks, you’ll be able to clear snow on many different terrains. Combine this with the convenience of electric joystick chute control and Honda’s exclusive hydrostatic, infinitely variable speed transmission and you’ve got the ultimate snow clearing machine. Isn’t it time that you experience the joy of owning a Honda.

Product Details

  • Honda’s exclusive hydrostatic transmission allows you to easily match the ground speed with snow conditions, it also enables your Honda track drive snowblower to burrow through snowdrifts like a bulldozer, plus, transmission disengagement is simple, making for easy transporting with the engine off.
  • Features Honda’s pliable, low-temperature rubber tracks with sure-gripping cleats, these tracks afford superior traction through practically any snow condition, no slipping and no sliding, simply great control, even on steep driveways and steps, plus, there is no need to ever worry about flat tires or wrestling with icy and frozen tire chains.
  • Electric joystick chute control: easily control the discharge of snow with just your fingertips, Honda’s four-direction joystick controller makes it easy to put the snow exactly where you want it, better yet, it runs off of the engine’s charging coil, so no need to worry about dead batteries.
View at The Home Depot

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3. Troy-Bilt Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

best snow blowers

The Storm Tracker 2890 2-stage snow thrower D-Track drive system creates 50% more ground contact for superior control, traction and durability in all winter conditions. The in-dash remote pitch control and the 2.5° turn hand crank, allowing you to change pitch and direction of snow discharge with ease.

The self-propelled drive system with Touch ‘N Turn power steering gives you speed control and added maneuverability. The in-dash headlight will help you to clear snow in low-visibility conditions, and the heated handgrips will add comfort in cold weather.

Product Details

  • 28 in. clearing width with 12 in. serrated steel augers help break up ice and snow for easier removal.
  • Troy-Bilt 277 cc OHV engine with push-button electric start eliminates pull-starting a cold engine.
  • D-track drive system creates 50% more ground contact, providing added stability and traction in heavy snow and ice.
  • 3 different Selec-Trac drive modes shift the unit’s weight for optimum performance on hard-packed or icy snow or on gravel driveways.
  • In-dash remote pitch control, 200 remote OVH crank chute rotation.
  • Touch N Turn power steering allows you to turn with the touch of a finger.
  • Just 1 hand operation feature lets you guide the 2-stage snow thrower with 1 hand, freeing the other hand to adjust the remote chute control.
  • Heated hand grips for added comfort in the worst weather conditions.
  • The in-dash headlight provides added visibility in low-light conditions.
  • High impact, adjustable polymer skid shoes help protect surfaces from scuffing.
  • 15 in. x 4.5 in. track footprint, providing added stability and traction in heavy snow and ice.
  • Reinforced steel housing provides durability and ruggedness for years of use.
  • Good for snowfalls up to 12 in.
View at The Home Depot

4. Ariens Deluxe Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

snow thrower

Tackle the worst Winter can bring with the Ariens Deluxe 28 2-stage snow blower with electric start. The 28 in. clearing width plows through all kinds of snow conditions – even the hard-packed stuff at the end of your driveway.

Exclusive Auto-Turn steering gives you effortless maneuverability in even the tightest turns.

Product Details

  • 254cc Ariens AX snow engine offers powerful snow-clearing action.
  • Auto-turn steering offers maximum control, precise turning and smooth operation without having to use levers or triggers.
  • 28 in. clearance width and 21 in. intake height makes quick work of clearing driveways and sidewalks in minimal passes.
  • Self-propelled with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds let you adjust snow throwing to different clearing conditions.
  • 14 in. serrated auger handles compacted snow and ice and aggressively pulls it into the blower housing.
  • 14 in. 3-blade impeller provides the driving force necessary to powerfully discharge snow up to 50 ft. away.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron gear case with alloy steel gears and l-3 synthetic severe-duty gear oil provides continuous reliability and a longer gear life with a 5-year warranty.
  • 120-Volt electric push-button start provides quick and easy starting on even the coldest days.
  • Large in-dash halogen headlight helps provide extended snow removal time and added safety.
  • Heavy-duty all-steel construction including chute and dash is rust-resistant for long durability.
  • Remote chute control rotates 205° and also comes with remote deflector control to put snow exactly where you want it.
View at The Home Depot

5. Cub Cadet Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

gas snow thrower

The Cub Cadet 243 cc, OHV 4-Cycle 2-Stage 26 in. Gas Snow Blower lets you clear snow effortlessly. The single-hand 4-way chute control allows you to quickly change the direction and pitch of the snow you throw with 1 hand.

Zero-Turn Posi-Steer power steering delivers effortless, single-hand turning so you can easily maneuver areas of all shapes and sizes. 12 in. serrated steel, heavy-duty augers, and steel shave plate effortlessly cut through tough snow and ice.

Product Details

  • Brighter, longer, broader, see better in the light of new LED dual headlights, before dawn, after dusk, work in the dark with the help of LED headlights.
  • 26 in. clearing width, 21 in. intake height.
  • 243 cc electric start Cub Cadet 4-cycle OHV engine.
  • Zero-turn posi-steer power steering delivers effortless, single-hand turning.
  • Cool blue no rust, non-marking, reversible skid shoes glide along surfaces for better maneuverability.
  • 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds allow for easy snow clearing at your pace.
  • Push-button electric start makes it incredibly easy to start in tough winter conditions, just attach an extension cord.
  • 12 in. serrated steel, heavy-duty augers, and steel shave plate effortlessly cut through tough snow and ice.
  • 16 in. x 4.8 in. X-Trac tires provide solid traction in extreme weather conditions.
  • Throws snow up to 40 ft.
View at The Home Depot

Wrap Up

Still not sure what to get or what you need? Let us help you figure it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use our contact form on our contact page and we will respond to your email in a timely manner.

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