Blogging Doesn’t Always Have To Be About Making Money

blogging isnt always about making money

I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers and their blogging lately.

It seems as if most of them are only blogging as a means of making money. You see hundreds and hundreds of the same blog post titles about “getting more traffic” or “affiliate marketing” or “email list freebies”. But when a reader lands on the blog and reads all that, it’s boring! It’s nothing new, it’s the same stuff that EVERYONE else is doing.

I get it, it’s passive income and who wouldn’t want to make some extra cash? Hell, I even make money on this blog!

But here’s the thing, blogging doesn’t always have to be about making money.

Now you might ask “what else can blogging be about?”.

I’ll tell you.

Blogging Can Be Used For Helping Other People

Most people when they start blogging, they’re immediate first instinct is to start thinking about ways to make money. Honestly, I think this is the wrong approach. You can start making money from anything you post online until you have a following first. That’s just reality right there. Nobody trusts you right away, and nobody knows who the hell you are either.

This is why you should start blogging with the sole purpose of helping others. I’m not talking about blog articles that help people “get more traffic” either. I laugh just saying that actually because it amazes me as to how many articles there are online about “getting traffic” haha.

Try blogging about different topics within your niche that can actually help people solve real problems. Example: if you’re blogging about “blogging” post articles about the best types of plugins for different types of uses instead. Topics like that actually help the majority of people. I’m pretty sure you can see where I’m going with this now. Just blog to help people instead, and quite frankly, your “traffic” problem will solve itself by doing that in all honesty.

Blogging Can Be Used For Helping Yourself and Sharing Ideas

Have you ever had a really bad day, or needed a place to just write your thoughts? This is where blogging can be useful for you when it comes to helping yourself. Basically, it’s like an online journal. Now you might be thinking I’m gearing this towards depressed individuals but I promise you, I’m not.

Blogging to help yourself can mean lots of different things. For example, maybe you got thought of a really good business idea, or maybe you thought about a new way to solve a problem. People love to read about new ideas. Share it with the world and don’t make your main focus being about “making money”.

Blogging Can Be Used For Fun

Exactly as the heading states, blogging can be used for fun! Seriously, think of any random thought and just start writing about it. Honestly, those are the best types of blog posts because you’re going to be truly passionate about that random idea. Therefore, your article will be very long, and will likely rank very well also. Who knows! You might even go viral because of it too! You literally just never know.

I realize this is a very short article, but I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Lately, I’ve been on Pinterest blogging boards and literally just about every single one of them is about “getting traffic” or “making money”. It annoyed me enough to want to write about it. Blog about ways to help people with real problems. Don’t be selfish in your intentions of blogging. You think your visitors don’t take notice, but they surely do. 

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