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In-Depth ConvertKit Review | Discover The Best Email Marketing Service!

Are you looking for a robust way to connect with your subscribers? Great! We’re going to show you the absolute BEST email marketing service on the planet! We say “best” and put it in caps because ConvertKit has done wonders for our blog and we just have way too many good things to say about them.

You see, ConvertKit was created by bloggers who found a problem with the way that email marketing was handled by other companies. In turn, they decided to create their own software to solve those problems.

You see, business owners and bloggers know the value of interacting with their subscribers on a regular basis. The problem is many have no idea how to capitalize on them.

Imagine that you’re the writer of a small sports publication with 2,500 subscribers. Every one of your subscribers shares an interest in your sports content but each of those subscribers has a life of their own. One is a recent college graduate, one is busy single dad with three kids, one owns a supplements shop, and another rarely visits your blog because of other obligations.

Each one of these subscribers has different needs in terms of content, attention, products, and timing. You as the writer know that these subscribers exist, but the idea of attempting to take action on these needs with a customized marketing plan that they will love, is absolutely overwhelming.

That’s where ConvertKit comes into play and you will learn all about what they have to offer in the upcoming sections.

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In This Article

  1. What Is Email Marketing?
  2. Why Is Email Marketing Important?
  3. What Is ConvertKit?
  4. How ConvertKit Works
  5. ConvertKit Features
  6. ConvertKit Pricing
  7. Creating An Account/Getting Started
  8. Integrations
  9. Customer Support
  10. FAQ’s
  11. Wrap Up

Affiliate Disclaimer – Just to be honest and transparent, if you sign up for ConvertKit using our affiliate link, we will donate a good portion of it at no expense to you. With our main portion of our business (suggesting products in our product reviews), we donate a good chunk to help our United States Veterans on a monthly basis. Your support greatly helps and we genuinely appreciate it.

We try our best to make our reviews unbiased and backed by our findings by using and testing each product that we review in our testing facility. Since this review is for an email marketing service and since we use ConvertKit ourselves, we have more than enough good things to say about them! We truly believe they are the absolute best if you want the best quality email marketing service and features. We hope you enjoy our article!

1. What Is Email Marketing?

In modern terms, email marketing can be defined as a use of email to promote products or services and is usually done with an email marketing service. However, a more accurate definition can be that email marketing is a way to develop relationships with your potential customers and/or clients.

Email marketing is just one piece of the entire internet marketing picture. Other pieces include social media, blogging, video curation (YouTube), etc. Email marketing is pretty much the same as direct mail marketing, except it’s done through email instead of the post office and your mailbox.

Have you ever gotten spam email? Of course you have, we all have. They cling to your inbox with so-called “deals”. These emails are a prime example of email marketing at it’s worst.

What happens is, someone buys an email list (or many) and sends emails like “Get this XYZ insurance for XYZ price and get XYZ features at no cost to you!”. All these emails do is annoy the crap out of subscribers and gives proper email marketing a bad name.

When used correctly, email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers informed and tailor their marketing messages to their customers.

Email Marketing Can Be Personalized

What’s great about email marketing is that you can target specific groups of subscribers or even just singled out subscribers as well. A good example of this would be if one of your subscriber’s birthday was coming up. You could send them special discounts or any other type of special offer. You can do all of this very easily with the right email marketing service as well.

Overall, email marketing can help a business to develop and maintain a very valuable relationship with your customers or subscribers. In turn, this will increase your overall revenue, as well as customer loyalty.

Email Marketing VS Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a great tool for marketing your business. However, email marketing has been proven to be much better time and time again. Especially when you have an email marketing service as good as ConvertKit.

The big advantage that email has over social media is that prospects and customers are much more likely to see an email than they are a social media post. Think about it, social media posts are temporary. They don’t last long at all. Now take a look at an email, it sits in an inbox until the prospect either opens it or deletes it. Therefore, no matter what happens, your prospects are always going to see your emails.

But I won’t sit here and say social media is useless though. They both go hand-in-hand very well actually. For example if you have a large subscriber list and you have Facebook “like” icons in your email, you can drastically grow your audience on multiple social media channels. The bigger audience you have on multiple channels means the more prospects that will see and share your content.

2. Why Is Email Marketing Important?

More than 35% of people around the globe use email on a regular basis. To put a number into perspective, that’s about 2.6 billion people. This number is expected to rise to over 3 billion within the next few years as well.  Email is definitely popular as it’s one of the absolute best ways to reach your subscribers. In addition, people around the world send roughly 200 billion emails per day. Out of those 200 billion, over 110 billion of those emails are business related.

Email marketing is a cost effective way of reaching your subscribers. Reaching those subscribers in a way that resonates with their schedules is extremely beneficial and can really increase your overall revenue. With an email marketing service, you can do all of this. You will have the ability to strategically plan, design, and send out emails that are customized from subscriber to subscriber. The best part is, it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as paid advertising.

Key Reasons How Email Marketing Can Help You

Below are just a few reasons why email marketing is important and why you should be maximizing your efforts on it with an email marketing service.

  • You can reach your audience without paying for advertising.
  • Personalized emails can drastically improve your overall customer retention.
  • Emails stay in a subscriber’s inbox until the open or delete it. (whereas social media posts go away after awhile.)
  • Email marketing is more effective than social media.
  • Sending emails is much more cost effective. (compared to paid advertising)
  • Emails are personal and can be customized to your subscribers’ liking.
  • Sending emails is more “action oriented” compared to social media posting or paid advertising.
  • Measuring email statistics is much easier to manage. (open rates, links clicks, etc.)
  • Mobile devices allow subscribers to easily check their email on a constant basis.

So now that you know what email marketing is and why it’s important, now we’re going to walk you through ConvertKit which is the absolute BEST email marketing service in the industry.

3. What Is ConvertKit?

Are you a blogger? Or even a business owner? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have one place, one main hub to manage all of your email marketing efforts? That’s why ConvertKit was created. ConvertKit was created in 2013 by a blogger name Nathan Barry. He ultimately got fed up with the lack of tool and resources available in all the other email marketing services and eventually create his own, ConvertKit. Which is now one of the absolutely the most popular email marketing service for bloggers and small business owners.

As it’s name suggests, ConvertKit is a virtual marketing kit with the sole purpose of converting. Whether you’re trying to convert readers to subscribers or subscribers to customers, ConvertKit will help you achieve these goals with ease.

The service offers flexibility and features that can drastically reduce overall workload and increase the personal touch in your email marketing efforts. When you sign up, you will soon realize that you will have much more free time to focus on your content as well. ConvertKit is a great product for everyone, from beginners with less than 1,000 subscribers to businesses and professionals with 50,000+ subscribers.

Now in it’s sixth year, and with an increasing staff that includes both former and current customers, ConvertKit has positioned itself as a beneficial, if not essential tool for professional bloggers.

4. How ConvertKit Works

With ConvertKit, the biggest feature is that the service personalizes the marketing experience by allowing it’s customers to attach potential subscriber triggers to specific actions. In simpler terms, think of a sales funnel. ConvertKit allows you to create an automated marketing journey for each type of subscriber.

Remember a few sections above when we used the sports blog owner as an example? We’re going to use that again. Assume that the owner of that blog has created an automated marketing experience with ConvertKit. The owner sells media on their blog such as premium article memberships and sports memorabilia. He/she is using ConvertKit to identify interests of each customer to send educational information and “for sale” items to those specific subscribers with those specific interests.

If a subscriber frequently shows interest in the premium articles by becoming a member, the owner of the blog can use ConvertKit to initiate a corresponding action where the subscriber would automatically be tagged as being “interested in the premium articles”. At that time, that specific subscriber is automatically placed into a pool of subscribers who are interested in the same type of content.

It’s basically like a subscriber filter. You’re filtering out your subscribers into different categories based off of what types of actions each one takes on your blog. Being able to to do this makes your life easier because you can personalize specific types of emails for each category of subscribers that you have.

ConvertKit Can Help New Bloggers With Less Than 100 Subscribers Too!

For the bloggers who don’t even have subscribers yet, ConvertKit can greatly help you with this. We were in this situation in the beginning as well. We didn’t have 0 subscribers but we did have less than 100 at the time.

ConvertKit can help new bloggers by turning readers into subscribers with it’s landing page templates and opt-in forms that can be placed on any page. What’s great about this is, you can have a completely separate landing page from your website, design it how you want, and share it to the masses!

All it takes is some research on how to write messages that convert and you’ll start getting subscribers in no time. It takes time and patience though, keep this in mind when you’re trying to build a new email list of subscribers.

5. ConvertKit Features

When you sign up for ConvertKit you will have five main features available to you. (all of which can be combined and integrated with other platforms as well.)

These five features consist of op-in forms, landing pages, book marketing, broadcasts, and automated email marketing. These features do use templates, but they can be customized with ConvertKit’s built in editor. The editor allows you to change fonts, colors, and backgrounds. You can also upload images and logos to these templates as well. If you’re familiar with web styling, you can also customize these templates with custom css.

Below you will find descriptions of each feature that ConvertKit has to offer.

Opt-In Forms

The opt-in forms at ConvertKit can be placed anywhere on a site. These forms are how readers sign up to become subscribers. In the most basic form, the reader enters their name and email address and is then a subscriber. Users can create custom forms to go along with particular posts, and the forms can include incentives.

Did you post an article about a particular product of yours at your sports blog? You can create a form that will be visible on that page, perhaps one that will give away a coupon for that product to readers who subscribe via that form. If you want to offer multiple incentives, just create more forms.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a type of form and is grouped into that category at ConvertKit. ConvertKit offers three landing page templates, and allows users to quickly create a custom page. These can be hosted on WordPress sites by using ConvertKit’s WordPress plugin, or hosted by ConvertKit.

It’s nice to be able to create a landing page like this quickly if you do a guest podcast and want to offer a gift to listeners, if you want to give something away to current subscribers, or if you’re hosting a webinar and need a place for participants to register.

Book Marketing

Many professional bloggers are also authors, and ConvertKit was built with this in mind. The book marketing feature will automate the emails that are send out to subscribers. You can automate the process so that this week, a reader who subscribed to your list two weeks ago (to receive a free offer) will automatically receive an educational email and a reminder about the wonderful product that you are selling.

Instead, you could send the first page of another chapter, or something else, or nothing. If they purchase the book, you can set it up so that the reminders to purchase the book will no longer appear on the emails that they receive from you, but a link to a free chapter of another book of yours will. You can also set up an educational email course with this feature.


Broadcast emails can be sent out in addition to email courses (such as can be done with the book marketing feature). These are sent out as soon as you are ready to sell a new product, or immediately after you write a blog post, or if you have another important announcement (such as if your cookbook just hit the bestseller list).

Broadcasts can be sent out to your whole pool of subscribers, or only to certain groups (called segments by ConvertKit). You could send them out only to subscribers of particular forms or courses. You can also exclude certain groups of purchasers. The segments that you use for broadcasts can be saved and used again in the future.

Personalized Email Marketing

Rates of open and click through are much higher for personal emails than for those that look like mass emails. ConvertKit allows you to personalize your emails by using a template tag so that you can use a custom salutation and your subscriber’s first name. The personal emails feature is also designed to make emails look as though they are sent directly from you.

Are you ready to give ConvertKit a try? Click the Free Trail button below and check it out!

6. ConvertKit Pricing

I’ll be honest, you won’t regret purchasing a plan with ConvertKit. It will be the best money you have ever spent to grow your audience.

ConvertKit’s has two pricing models, you can purchase a plan on a month-to-month basis or you can purchase a yearly plan. We chose a yearly plan just so we don’t have to deal with making the payment on a monthly basis. In addition to their pricing models, if you purchase a yearly plan, you will get 12 months for the price of 10.

Each plan and it’s pricing is based on how many current subscribers you have. Below is an image of how much each plan costs and which features come with each one.

convertkit pricing

7. Creating An Account/Getting Started

Right now there are two ways you can create an account. The first option is to purchase one of the plans they have available. After clicking the “Get Started” button on the pricing page, you will see a sign-up portal like in the image below.

convertkit review

If you’re migrating from another email marketing service, you will click the button that says “Migrating from another provider”. The next screen you will see is the image below.

From here all you will do is choose which email marketing platform you are migrating away from and you will be taken through a process to complete the migration.

If you’re brand new and starting from scratch, you will hit the button that says “I’m Brand New” from the first image above. After click the “I’m Brand New” button, you will see a screen like the image below.

If you already have a website set up, you will want to click “Yes”. When you click “Yes”, you will be taken to another screen to choose which platform your website is built on. (like in the image below)

However if you don’t have a website and you click “No” in previous image, you will then be taken to a screen like the one below to complete the sign up process and enter your billing info.

Their sign up process is pretty easy and only requires just a few steps to get started. Whther you’re migrating from another service or you’re brand new, you’re going to be very satisfied with the results you will see from using ConvertKt.

Free Trial

In regards to the free trial, if you opt-in for the free trial you will be taken to the same screens as shown above. You will also have to enter your billing info so they can have it on file in case you decide you want to keep using the service after your initial trial period.

For New Bloggers

Are you are completely new to the process of acquiring subscribers, creating forms and incentives, and creating a marketing funnel? Don’t worry, ConvertKit will guide you through the process with a checklist on the right side of the screen that appears upon creation of your account.

For Seasoned Bloggers

Now if you’re a seasoned blogger or business owner with like 15,000 subscribers or more, ConvertKit staff will handle the migration for you (if you ask). ConvertKit wants to make marketing as easy as possible for bloggers whether they’re brand new or seasoned content creators. They appreciate the value of your time and so they focus on all the back end stuff for you. This way you can focus on creating quality content.

8. Integrations

As mentioned in various places throughout this review, ConvertKit integrates with many other services you probably already use. Some of which include WordPress, Stripe, WuFoo, WooCommerce, Shopify, Teachable, and many more. As a matter of fact, click here if you’d like to see an entire list of services that integrate with ConvertKit.

Integration Example

Let’s assume you want to integrate Shopify so that ConvertKit can identify when a subscriber makes a purchase. All you would need to do is click “Shopify”, enter your Shopify URL, click an authorization button, and then click an install button. It’s THAT easy.

9. Customer Support

If you’re looking for an email marketing service that has some kick ass support, then you’re going to love ConvertKit. Since they’re bloggers themselves, they know first hand how important it is for bloggers to get their questions answered and in a timely manner too.

Our first interaction with their support team was when we migrated to their service. They were more helpful than we could be thankful for. We didn’t really have to even do anything, they immediately took control of the migration and did what they said they were going to do. In addition, it only took them 20 minutes to respond to our support inquiry.

On another note, they will also talk to you about you business which makes you feel very welcomed.  These people really care about what you’re doing and where you’re headed in your email marketing journey. They also host live trainings, weekly workshops, and have open office hours as well.

From Their Website

ConvertKit exists to help creators earn a living. They are a small team that truly cares about making their customers be successful. What does this mean for you? You will get personalized help, access to their entire product support team via email or live-chat (8am-8pm eastern), and you will also have access to their knowledge base which is filled with any type of guide you might need. You’re all about making a living online, they’re all about helping you get there!

10. FAQ’s

Below are some frequently asked questions that you might have. If you have any other questions that aren’t on this list, feel free to send us a message on our contact page, or leave a comment in the bottom of this article.

Question: Who Is ConvertKit Built For?

ConvertKit is built for many different types of content creators. Some of which include: bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, online course creators, freelancers, coaches, photographers. That’s just a few. Businesses even use ConvertKit and benefit from it regularly as well.

If you create digital products, ship physical products, provide services, write daily articles, have ads, build software, or market and sell online, then ConvertKit will work for you!

Their founder was a blogger and a course creator who was frustrated by the lack of email marketing tools available to him at the time. This is why he built ConvertKit, to solve the problems and hit the pain points that content creators come across in their email marketing journey.

Question: Can I Try It Before I Pay For It?

Oh yes! If you want to try it before you buy it, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here. Just click the button that says “Try For Free” and you will be on your way to your email marketing journey. The trial is 14 days long which is more than enough time to find out if ConvertKit is the right tool to help grow your business or not. I think it will be, this company has saved us so much time and energy when it comes to reaching out to our subscribers. In addition we have have been able to generate much more revenue from personalized emails as well.

Question: What Happens When You Outgrow Your Subscriber Count On Your Plan?

You will be automatically upgraded to the next tiered plan if your subscriber count outgrows your current plan. This is a good thing though, your subscriber count growing is going to build your business even larger and your income as well! You won’t have to do anything extra at all, ConvertKit will take care of everything and they’ll just upgrade your account to the next tier.

Question: Do You Have To Pay More Based On The Amount Of Emails You Send?

Nope! If an email marketing service has charged you for that kind of tomfoolery in the past then I’m sorry to hear that! That’s not how email marketing should work by any means. With ConvertKit, you can send an unlimited amount of emails. Send as many as you want! After all, emails are how content creators turn fans into loyal customers and subscribers so why should you be punished for the amount of emails you send, right?

Question: If I End Up Not Liking ConvertKit, Can I Get A Refund?

You most certainly can get a refund. However, in order to get a refund you will need to cancel your account within the first 30-days after signing up. The team at ConvertKit will cancel your account and send you a refund immediately. The refund will generally take 3-5 days to show up on your credit or debit card account.

When you cancel, you will be asked what they could have done better to make their service more useful to you. This isn’t them trying to pester you into staying with them, it’s just a way for them to document what people don’t like about their service. This way they can make adjustments in the future and make it better for everyone. Overall though, they will work their butts off so that you can be a part of the ConvertKit family.

Question: Can ConvertKit Help Me Migrate From My Old Email Marketing Provider?

Short answer is yes. Long answer is if you have more than 5,000 subscribers, they have a dedicated team that will handle the entire migration for you for FREE! Moving to a better email marketing service shouldn’t be a painful task, it should feel rewarding which is why they want to help you through the whole process.

Now if you have less than 5,000 subscribers, you will have a couple of options available to you. First thing you can do is write an email to and they will walk you through the migration process step-by-step. The second option is for people who are tech savvy. ConvertKit has guides to getting started that will help you migrate everything yourself with no issues at all.

11. Wrap Up

ConvertKit is a phenomenal email marketing service for beginners and seasoned bloggers or business owners alike. Ultimately, ConvertKit will save you hours of time due to the vast majority of features that come with each and every plan they offer. You will not be let down whatsoever. In addition, their customer support is absolutely phenomenal as well. You will never have any issues whatsoever if you run into a problem or need help with anything.

We could not be happier with our decision to switch to ConvertKit. It has helped us grow our subscriber count and has ultimately boosted our overall income as well. Are you ready to give ConvertKit a try?

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