Struggling To Get Clients? Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Any.

here's why you're not getting any clients


You’re showing up. Creating great small offers. Being of service online. And you’re really going for it.

I also know that what you’re doing isn’t exactly working. You’re maybe seeing some shifts, but overall, you’re not seeing the results you’re working so hard to create. No new clients and no money coming in.

And the worst part? You have no idea why nothing is happening.

You see the strategies working for other people, so you study what they’re doing. But when you put what you see into action in your business, it doesn’t seem to work. Talk about frustrating!

There’s good news here: The reason it’s not working is NOT because you’re not smart or not trying. It’s not because you’re slacking off. And it’s not because your website isn’t good enough!

But there is a reason. One you can choose to ignore (and keep this game of “not working” going indefinitely) or one you can actively choose to address head on (and finally get things clicking), so you can make money in your business!

Today I’m going to tell you the straight-up truth about why what you’re doing isn’t working and how to flip this whole situation on its head to finally get clients and make money. (Hint: the solution is extremely simple.)

The Issues You Keep Having

To shift this frustration, you have to first look at what you’re doing and the results you expected to get, then see where they don’t match up.

For example, maybe you created a bite sized offer (BSO), posted it to your website, and shared it with friends, fans, followers, or people you think may want to hire you. You expected to get get a few clients from this, but instead you got nothing.

Or maybe you sent personal emails to your list and even added auto-responders to your email system. You expected responses from those emails and even a few clients, but you’re not getting any replies.

Think about this for a moment: What actions did you take, and what results did you expect?

You feel wildly frustrated to not see results from your efforts, and I used to feel the same way, too. But everything shifted when I found the reason why it was happening.

What No One Else Is Telling You

When you do something for the first time, you follow the steps you’ve been given. And this is a fantastic way to start. But to make things click, there are so many nuances to proper execution, things you simply can not see.

Let’s use your BSO as an example.

You created an offer that solves a problem your target client faces. Followed my advice on what should be included and how you should price it, and then you followed through and posted your BSO to your website. 

You’ve followed my instructions and done everything I’ve taught you, but you’re not getting results because you missed some key pieces. Things you don’t even know you’re missing.

To explain what I mean, let’s talk about learning to drive a stick shift.

Imagine you didn’t know how to drive a stick, but you want to learn. You watch some YouTube videos, talk to friends, and even get a professional in the car with you.

Left foot on the clutch, right hand shifted into first, you’re ready to release the clutch and push on the gas!

[Do I even need to tell you what happens next?]

Dead on the road, car shuts off, you wonder what you did wrong. You watched the videos and talked with experts! You had the right gear, and it was even a sunny day!

Point being, you simply can’t learn to drive a stick based on videos and discussion alone. You have to learn to drive stick by trial and error. When you do this, you’re more likely to be successful at a faster rate.

Back to your BSO.

What this stick shift example illustrates for you is that you simply can’t learn business by studying theory or executing one-off tips alone. You need two other things to make your BSO (or anything in your business) actually work.

1. To take action and get immediate feedback. In learning to drive stick, that’s the car being killed and shutting off; in posting and sharing your BSO, the feedback is the silence you’re hearing.

2. Guidance as you keep executing. Learning to drive stick without an experienced teacher, race car driver, and technique-helper is almost impossible. Building a business without someone there to make sure you’re doing everything in exactly the right way is also impossible… even for the smartest and most savvy budding business owner.

In crafting your BSO and in taking all of the steps you’ve taken—from being of service to adding autoresponders to sending personal emails to new subscribers—you simply can’t see what you’re doing wrong because you have never done it before.

In essence, it’s not your fault!

So what’s wrong? Here’s what the other coaches out there aren’t telling you:

The problem isn’t WHAT you’re doing. It’s HOW you’re doing it. And it’s impossible to know what you’re not doing right because you haven’t done it before.

The good news is that you can do something about this!

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Business

Now that you know why it’s not working, let’s talk about the solution. And at this point it’s pretty obvious:

But the tricky part is that you don’t know what the right way is until you’re shown the right way by someone who’s been there, done it, and can help you make the proper adjustments to your execution.

I hear too many business owners say, “I know what I need to do. I’ll do it myself.”

And they try. For months or years. They say, “I need to make it work myself before I can hire help.” But this never works, because it’s completely backwards!

Even if you know you need to have a web presence that speaks to your target client, a BSO that solves a tangible problem, and to be of service daily… you can take action but you’ll miss the essential details that make everything finally click.

And there’s nothing more disheartening than seeing a smart, driven business owner who is full of potential—someone who is eager to make their business work, willing to put in the work, even doing the work, and really ready to go for it—take action but not see results.

They have almost everything they need… but not quite everything. And they’re bound to keep working hard, putting in the effort, and not seeing the payoff they so badly want.

Knowing HOW Changes Everything

Think about if every time you took action to build your business that you had someone right there to give you feedback…

Imagine every time that you took an action and didn’t get the results you wanted that you had a team there to help you troubleshoot until it clicks…

Imagine if all of the effort you put into your business actually paid off, and you got clients and made money doing the work that matters so much to you!

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