How Long Does It Take To Start Getting Blog Traffic From Google?

how long does it take to start getting traffic from google

How Long Does It Take To Start Getting Blog Traffic From Google?

Nine times out of ten when someone starts their very first blog or launches a website for their new business, they always ask this one question. New bloggers and website owners always want to know: How long does it take to start getting blog traffic from Google?

Back in 2013 when I started my first blog, I used to check my analytics on an hourly basis. No joke, everyday after work I would sit at my laptop and log into analytics just to see if anyone has visited my blog yet.

This kid of behavior might seem a little obsessive, but it’s actually quite normal for new bloggers and website owners.

Just like everyone else, I assumed that if I had built it, then people would magically come.

I used to think of it like a brick & mortar store. If you opened a craft soda shop in a location with tourists, they’d surely come.

Not What I Thought

Unfortunately, the online world just doesn’t work that way. Here’s a good way to put it into a perspective. Think about being in an area that’s heavily populated with tourists and when you look around, you see 20 different craft soda shops on the same street. That’s kind of how it is online with your blog. You’re competing with thousands of other blogs and pages being indexed on a daily basis that are just like yours, with similar content.

The difference is, who is going to come into YOUR craft soda shop, and what made them come into your shop instead of the other 19 shops on the same street?

I know this sounds impossible when I use an analogy like that, but when you really think about it, it’s extremely accurate.

The thing to remember here is that there are millions of blog articles that are published and indexed every single day, in addition to yours.

Sadly though, most of them will never see any visitors outside of the publisher’s friends and family. That is, unless they do something about it and they have an active marketing plan to get their posts out there to the world.

Alright, So How Long Does It Take To Get Blog Traffic From Google?

Okay so first and foremost, if you’re asking how long it takes to get traffic already, then you’re not thinking about how traffic works. I mean yes, it is possible to get traffic on the day that launch, but it’s rare. Honestly, it’s possible to get thousands of organic traffic on your blog within just a few days of launching. But again in most cases, that’s not likely to happen.

Here’s an example, pretend you know someone who has an YouTube account with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. All they have to do is release a new video that influences their subscribers to check out your blog post or website. This in turn will flood your website with large amounts of traffic!

Here’s another example, you publish your first blog post and create a Facebook advertisement that links to that blog post. Assuming you got the targeting right, you will flood that blog post with traffic.

These examples probably put stars in your eyes. But here’s the problem, these examples are just “short term” solutions for getting traffic and are not sustainable for long-term growth.

What you really need is a strategic SEO plan. But now you’re probably asking, once SEO is implemented, how long will it take to start getting consistent traffic from Google?

Okay, So How Long Does SEO Take Then?

Well, if you’re wondering how long it’ll take then I’ll be honest here – it really depends on so many different factors. There aren’t any definitive answers to a questions like this. In the next section I’ll give you an example of how it was for me and my first blog back in 2013.

However, there are numerous things you can do to boost your chances of success when it comes to Google ranking your pages and sending you traffic.

One thing you can do is get a bunch of backlinks that link back to your site. With this, it depends how strong the links are though. It also depends on what keywords you’re targeting for in your blog posts as well. (Tip: low-competition keywords rank much better than high competition keywords)

Now to answer your main question, if you’re staying consistent with publishing new blog posts on a regular basis, you could expect to start seeing traffic from Google within 3-6 months on average. Sometimes it’s much longer though, especially if you’re in a niche that’s not trendy or popular in modern society.

The time-frame I gave above (3-6 months) is assuming that you’re publishing posts consistently, you’re creating backlinks here and there, and you’ve got some really great content to share with the world!

How Long It Took Me

I’ll keep this example short. Back in 2013 when I started my first blog, my first question was wondering how long it was going to take until I would see significant traffic as well.

Every other day I would crank out a new blog post, optimize the crap out of it with keywords in the title, the copy, and the meta descriptions. I did this every other day for about 2 months.

After those 2 months, I still wasn’t seeing much traffic. The only traffic I saw was the traffic I was getting from my social media marketing efforts. But still nothing from Google.

I didn’t give up though. Instead, I kept plugging away for another 4 months with the same amount of “small” traffic along the way. It got discouraging at times but the key is to never give up and stay consistent.

After that 6th month mark, I finally saw a dramatic increase in my analytics, and it literally came out of nowhere. I still remember it, I woke up in the morning, checked analytics, saw that I had 300+ page views by 10am and it just kept growing throughout the day. Holy crap I was ecstatic!

Overall, it took me about 6 months to see a significant increase. Never give up, I know it’s hard but you have to just keep at it if you truly want it to work out.

Getting Back To The Article

It takes quit awhile for a new site to start ranking in Google (most of the time 3-6 months, sometimes even longer!). The reason for this is because Google is trying to prevent spammers from publishing new blogs that rank for big keywords just so they can turn a quick profit. Back in the day this used to work, but not anymore.

Really, it doesn’t matter how good your SEO skills are, Google’s bots WILL figure it out. In return, it means a new blog owner who is legitimate will always have to go through this initial 3-6 month period.

It’s a pain in the ass, I get it. Especially for people who want to start seeing people on their blog. Imagine putting in hours and hours of work for 3 months straight and not seeing any results from your efforts.

Here’s a good thing though, if you’re like me and build new niche sites regularly, you eventually learn to respect Google’s bots for what they’re doing. A blog is a long-term game anyways. There’s no need to worry about not seeing results in the very beginning because you know that it will eventually get better over time.

What I’m really trying to say is, don’t fret over traffic and rankings. Stay motivated and stick to your plan and continue to put out new articles on a regular basis. Also, build a “go-to” SEO strategy that you can repeat with every new post moving forward. It’ll help you stay organized so that your blog posts don’t turn out like a mess in the future.

Wrapping Up

The king of your crop here is going to be SEO and it always will be SEO. SEO is the most reliable way to produce consistent traffic to your blog for long-term growth! Remember that in some cases, it can take up to a full year before you start to see dramatic changes in your overall traffic.

It’s worth it though, because the readers are out there, and they’re in the millions too! You just have to be patient and wait for them.

If you liked and enjoyed this article or feel that this article has helped you, please help up out and share it with your friends! In addition, if you have any questions regarding SEO or anything mentioned in this post, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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