Quora Partner Program In-Depth Review | The Good & The Bad

quora partner program in depth review

Quora Partner Program In-Depth Review | The Good & The Bad

Hey there readers! Today we’re going to talk about Quora because quite frankly, after being a Quora user for quite some time now, I have to say that this website/app just PISSES ME OFF! But, I keep using it because it’s the only resource to get a questions answered fairly quickly.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Quora, it’s basically just a question and answer website/app. Users can ask questions about anything they want and other users will reply with answers. If you’re the person asking the question, you can also “request” answers from other users as well.

A Few Good Things

If you’re on the website/app to answer questions, you can answer as many questions as you’d like. The more questions you answer, the better your chances are at gaining more followers and upvotes within the app. This feature is kind of nice because if you have a nice looking profile and give useful answers on a regular basis, other users will follow you. When other users follow you, they’ll see your future questions and answers.

Another great thing about Quora is it can be a great marketing tool for your small business. If you have a nice profile for your business and include links to your products/services in your profile and have a bunch of followers, you will definitely be able to gain some leads here and there.

Same goes for bloggers or website owners, you’ll be able to gain a little bit of extra traffic on occasion. All it takes is to write valuable answers which in turn will bring upvotes + followers.

What Is The Quora Partner Program?

On Aptil 25th, 2018 Quora rolled out it’s “Partner Program”. Remember from above when I mentioned that you can ask questions in the website/app? That’s basically all that you get to do in the Quora Partner Program. Quora has advertisers and those advertisers ads get placed within the questions that you ask. Therefore, the more views and upvotes your question gets, the more money you make. It also means the more questions you ask, the more money you’ll make as well.

You will continue to earn money on your questions for an entire year after the question was asked as well.

It’s still unknown as to what qualifications you need to have in order to be part of the program but if you’re lucky, Quora will send you an invite at random. That’s what happened to me. Out of the middle of nowhere, I had a notification from Quora asking me if I wanted to join the program.

One thing Quora lacks is documentation on many different aspects, including what it takes to get invited to the Partner Program.

How Does The Partner Program Work?

Quora’s partner program is pretty simple actually. After you accept their invite to join they will end you an email explaining how to set up your partner account etc. When setting up your partner account, you will be prompted to setup a Stripe account if you’re in the US. This part is easy though, basically you just enter your bank details and the app will verify the account afterwards.

The reason you need to add you bank details is so that Quora has a way to pay you.

How Do You You Get Paid?

I will say this, Quora “IS” legitimate about paying their partners. I was a bit sketched out at first and I’ll explain it below but in the end, I did get paid. Quora pays their partners on the 1st Monday of every month. If you’re Stripe account is linked to your checking account, you’ll see that money in your account usually by Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest.

Does The Partner Program Offer Support?

Just like most companies these days, the only support that Quora offers is by email. I’ve had to email them a few times already and their response times are usually pretty quick. I usually receive a response within 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours but it’s never been longer than 48 hours.

The Bad Parts About The Quora Partner Program

Now we’ll get to the bad parts! Sadly, the bad parts outweigh the good parts when it comes to the partner program.

Minimal Pay

If you’re joining the partner program and expecting to make a living or even make $500+ per month, you better look for something else because it won’t happen with the partner program.

To put this into perspective, I’ve been with them for 2 months now and I have asked a total of 694 questions and guess how much I’ve made in total. I’ve made a grand total of $24.13! I mean, I guess if you’re a smoker then it might be worth it for some extra cigarette money but otherwise, it’s not really worth it.

Now, there are people who do get lucky. On rare occasion if you ask just the right question and it gets tons of views, you might make a good $200 in a matter of days. But like I said, this is an extremely rare occurrence but it does happen.

Quora Editing Bots Suck

Let’s face it, software, apps, websites, they can’t always perform at 100% and I get that, but with Quora, their bots are horrible! I wish i had taken a picture of it but I’ll just explain it. Sometimes when you ask a question, Quora’s bots will change the wording of your question on their own. What’s worse is when they do this, it changes the entire context of the question in the way that you wanted to ask it. People have complained about this many times but Quora doesn’t to care much so they don’t do anything about it.

Small Bugs

There are some annoying small bugs that you’ll notice while asking questions in the program as well. If you’re using the Android or iOS app you’ll see that there is a question counter at the bottom of your dashboard that tells you how many questions you have asked that day. Once of the annoying aspects about this is that the counter sometimes doesn’t even count your questions.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

See how it says I have only asked 1 question? Well, I had just gotten done asking my 26th question for the day. I’m not sure why the counter doesn’t work at times, but I wanted to show you guys just so you can be aware of it.

Merging Questions

One of the most annoying aspects about the Quora Partner Program is that you can merge questions with other similar questions that have already been asked. When this happens, you no longer receive any money off of them. The problem with this is that both Quora’s bots and any user on the website both have the ability to “merge” any question with another.

The thing is, sometimes you’ll ask questions in a specific context and Quora’s bots will read it a completely different way and they’ll merge it with a totally unrelated question. It’s EXTREMELY annoying. Here’s an example below.

See what I mean? I asked “What was the first company to make it BIG on the internet” and Quora’s bots merged it with another question that has NOTHING to do with my question. Therefore, I won’t be making any money off of that one because Quora’s bots think they’re smarter than me. It’s bullshit but it does happen.

Our Overall Verdict

Overall, I think the program is worth it. If you’re interested in making a few bucks a month then this is definitely going to be easy for you. I mean really, it’s not exactly hard to ask a few questions while you’re on the toilet or eating breakfast. Why not make those empty times productive and make a little money? Who knows, you just might get lucky with one of your questions and end up with $1-$200 at the end of the month!

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2 Responses

  1. Miranda says:

    I did not know about this program before this post, but this sounds like an interesting way to make some passive cash.

    • Garrett says:

      Hey Miranda, Yeah it’s quite interesting and a decent way to make a few extra bucks each month. They actually just added the ability to earn money for requesting answers as well. So now you can earn by asking questions and by requesting answers. If you have the Quora app, keep a lookout for an invite from them to join the program. I’ll update this article as they release new features for the program as well.

      Appreciate the comment!

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