Quora Partner Program In-Depth Review | How Much Can You Make?

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Quora Partner Program In-Depth Review | How Much Can You Make?

Do you like to make a little extra money on the side? Of course you do, who doesn’t?

If you’re a Quora user, then I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about the Quora Partner Program and how you can make money by asking questions. It’s really a great concept for people who want to earn some extra cash in their spare time.

The idea of being able to ask simple questions and make a little money is pretty exhilarating, to say the least.

Although the Partner Program sounds like a great idea and sounds like easy money, sometimes it’s not, and you will find out why later in the review. If you’re thinking of joining the program and hoping to “get rich” or make a living, think again because it’s not going to happen.

However, there are people who make some really good money with the program. These people are few and far between and only 1% of members in the program are making this kind of money.

So what kind of money am I talking about? Well, the top earner in the last 6 months has made a grand total of $26,000 USD with 8,000 questions asked. That’s a lot of money just for asking questions in an app! But it can happen. It just takes work, just like anything else.

Anyway, we wanted to write this review because we have been a member of the Partner Program for a few months now and we wanted to share our experiences with the world.

For your convenience, there is a table of contents below that shows you what this review is all about.

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In This Review

  1. What Is The Quora Partner Program?
  2. How Do You Join The Partner Program?
  3. How Much Money Can You Make From The Program?
  4. Is The Quora Partner Program Worth It?
  5. What Kind Of Questions Make The Most Money?
  6. Pros And Cons Of The Quora Partner Program
  7. Tips To Not Get Banned From The Program
  8. My Quora Income Report (Updated Every Month)
  9. Wrap Up

Disclaimer – Primarily, we run a product review website where I and three of my product testers test and review all the latest products in our testing facility and write about the top five best products in various categories. However, some of us also enjoy making side cash and we’ve been members of the Quora Partner Program for a few months now. We wanted to write a review on the program to raise awareness of what it’s all about and how to make the most out of the program. We hope you enjoy the article!

1. What Is The Quora Partner Program?

Quora is an application available in the iPhone store, Google Play, and it’s available on the web as well. Quora is a place where users can ask questions and get answers to those questions by other Quora users.

It’s not just a place to ask questions though, many people use the app for answering questions as well. Some people use the app specifically for this purpose alone.

However, this review is about the Quora Partner Program, so we’re just going to talk about asking questions, rather than answering them. With Quora’s Partner Program, you make money from the questions you ask and you earn money on each question for an entire year. For 365 days, your question will be earning money.

You can’t just ask any question though, the questions you ask have to be original and they have to be unique as well. If you’re asking questions that someone else has already asked, the question will get “merged” into a similar question that has already been asked and you won’t make any money on it.

It’s a simple concept really. It’s not a scam, they do actually pay you around the 4th of every month (proof at bottom of this article). In addition, when you ask questions you won’t see how much money you made on each question until your dashboard updates. Your dashboard will update once every 24 hours. My dashboard updates at 2 am central US time on a daily basis.

Getting paid is easy too. Quora has its own dashboard that is integrated with Stripe. Once you make a Stripe account through their dashboard and link it to your bank account, receiving payments is easy.

2. How Do You Join The Partner Program?

This is one of the weird aspects of the Quora Partner Program. The thing is, nobody really knows how to join the program. It’s not an open-door sign up like most programs. You have to get invited to join their program.

Here’s what we think happens. We’ve been using Quora and asking questions on Quora for 2-3 years before we got our invitations to join. We think that once Quora’s bots realize that your account asks questions on a regular basis, then they’ll send you an invitation. We’re not 100% positive that this is how it happens, but it’s our best guess.

When you do get invited, you will get a notification in your Quora account and they will also email you as well. You will definitely know when you get invited.

3. How Much Money Can You Make From The Program?

The amount of money you can make from the Quora Partner Program depends on a few different factors.

You make money on overall question views, and you also make money on answer requests.

The more answer requests you send out on each question in a 24 hour period, the better your chances are at making good money.

Below is a screenshot of what I have made in the last 3 months.

quora partner program income

As you can see, in the past 3 months I have asked a total of 1,605 questions and I’m only averaging $9-12 per day.

However, the only reason it seems low is because that number is based on questions that don’t “peak” to an all-time-high in a single month.

What I mean is, on a rare occasion you will ask a question that goes somewhat viral and will earn a good amount of money on it in just a few days. These questions earn their “peak” income in just a few days after they start to go somewhat viral in the app.

See the example below.

quora partner program questions

I asked this question in the middle of May in 2019 and in a matter of just a few days, it had gotten over 500,000 views and over 90 answers. I got lucky. But in a matter of a few days, I was able to make over $140 off of this 1 question.

Now imagine if you have a total of 4,000 questions and 10 of those questions go somewhat viral in a matter of 3 months. That’s an easy $1,400 – $1,500 just for asking some simple questions.

Two Types Of Questions That Make Money

Short Term Questions – There are basically two ways to make money on questions that you ask. There are questions like the ones above where you ask something that gets a lot of views in a short period of time. But these questions kind of suck because although you’re making good money in a few days, that money stops generating after a few days also.

Long Tern Questions – The other way to make money on questions is by asking questions that get searched often. What’s great about these questions is that they earn money for an entire year. The difference between long term and short term questions is that long term questions can earn up to $500 or more throughout the entire year. Whereas short term questions earn a smaller amount in a matter of days and then don’t make much afterward. This is why the more questions you ask, the better it is for your income potential in the long-term.

4. Is The Quora Partner Program Worth It?

This section will be short and sweet. We think the Quora Partner Program is definitely worth it. Even if you only make $200/month, that’s an extra $2,400 per year that you didn’t have before. And it’s super easy to make that amount as well.

This program can work out great for people who already have a full-time job and want to supplement their income with some easy side cash.

Think about this for a minute. If you ask 10 questions every night after work, you will have 1,800 questions that you’re making money from, and after just 6 months, that can really add up to a good amount of side income, especially if you have questions that people search for on a regular basis.

Now think about this, you already have a full-time job that pays the bills. With Quora, you have the potential to earn an extra $2-3,000+ per year. That extra money could do a lot for a single person or a small family! In our eyes, the Quora Partner Program is very much worth it.

5. What Kind Of Questions Make The Most Money?

This might come to a surprise to you but the best kinds of questions that get the most views and answers are the questions that are complete bullshit!

Literally, ask anything that has NOTHING to do with your life and you will make money. It’s kind of sad, but it’s the truth. If you’re asking boring and bland questions, you won’t get many views or answers, which means you won’t make money.

You kind of have to think like a marketing professional. Questions that will catch people’s eye and make them curious enough to click, read, and answer the question. Questions that make the most money are questions that give off some kind of emotion to the reader.

Example Below:

Take the question that I posted in the image a few sections above. The question is “My 32-year-old daughter still lives with me and she just sits in her room watching Netflix and doesn’t get a job. I don’t want to put her on the street, but I’m tired of her living with me at this age. What can I do to get her to get a job?”. Now here’s the kicker, I’m not even 30 years old myself, and I certainly don’t have a 32-year-old daughter. But, the question gives off emotion to anyone who reads it. When you read the question, you immediately want to chime in and give your own opinion on the question. That’s the goal! If you want to make money, you need to be creative and ask questions like this. These are the types of questions that make money.

Tip: Get creative, don’t ask questions that are slightly similar to other questions that have made money. Trust me, it won’t work.

The questions that don’t make money are boring questions like: “Why is Walmart closing a lot of stores across the US?”. These types of questions don’t get many views or answers because nobody really cares about a topic like that. Why? Because it doesn’t spark an emotion when you read it.

6. Pros And Cons Of The Quora Partner Program

As we stated earlier in the article, there are many great things about the Partner Program, but there are also many bad things as well. Below is a list of pros and cons of the Partner Program.

Quora Partner Program Pros

  • Easy To Earn Money – All you have to do is ask the right questions and you’ll be making money.
  • On-Time Payments – Quora pays you for your earnings around the same time every month. (we’ve never had issues)
  • Potential To Make Big Money – By asking the right kind of questions, you could make a ton of money in a year’s time.
  • Ease Of Use – The app is available on Android and iPhone which makes it easy to ask questions on the go.
  • Two Ways To Make Money – Your questions will make money on views + answer requests.

Quora Partner Program Cons

  • Bots – Quora has bots that scour the app and do all kinds of random crap that just doesn’t make any sense at all.
  • Merging – Quora’s bots will merge your questions with other questions that the bot “thinks” is similar to your question.
  • Question Amount – It takes a lot of questions to make any decent amount of money from the program, it can get annoying.
  • Users Can Merge – In addition to bots merging your questions, Quora users are able to merge your questions as well.
  • Users Can Edit Questions – Quora users can also edit your questions if they feel like the question is worded incorrectly.
  • User Support – Quora support is almost non-existent, don’t even try emailing them with general questions, you won’t get a response.
  • Bugs – The Android app is full of bugs. I use the app on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and many times the app has decided to not scroll up or down for whatever reason. Also, sometimes the notifications screen in the app will flicker and won’t allow you to check notifications for hours on end. It gets annoying.

More About Bots And Merging With Examples

It gets annoying when you ask a ton of good questions and then Quora’s bots merge those questions with other questions that aren’t even the same! It’s annoying because you don’t earn money on questions that get merged and when they merge your questions like this, you basically wasted your time.

Below is an image of a few questions of mine that recently got merged and below the image I will explain each question and why they should not have been merged.

quora merging

Why These Questions Shouldn’t Have Been Merged

Take a look at the first question, I specifically ask “What are the best JavaScript tutorial blogs?”. Now, look at the question that they merged my question into. It’s not even the same question! The types of answers I’m expecting out of my question is a list of blogs that provide JavaScript tutorials. The question they merged it with is asking which tutorial site is best to follow! Meaning the person is only looking for 1 blog to follow. Whereas I am looking for multiple blogs, not just one!

Now, look at the next question. I ask “What is the most hated word in the English language and why?”. They merged it with the same question but the difference is the person’s question they merged it with is asking for the most ANNOYING WORD, not the most HATED WORD like I ask in my question. These bots that Quora is using are very inaccurate and it gets pretty frustrating from time to time when you get these notifications that say “Quora Content Review merged …. “.

One of the biggest drawbacks of merging is it can get very annoying. You will ask a really good question and it will be making good money for two days straight and out of the middle of nowhere you will get a notification about that question being merged. When this happens, that question will no longer generate revenue for you.

Okay … my rant is over, now we’ll move onto the next section.

7. Tips To Not Get Banned From The Program

We have one big tip for you so that you don’t get banned from using the Partner Program. We learned this one the hard way. Basically, if you’re trying to make money with Quora’s Partner Program, then use the app just for making money. Don’t use the app for asking questions, creating blogs, or sharing links. Trust us on this one, if you start answering other people’s questions, you’re taking a big risk in getting banned if someone reports some of your answers.

We learned this the hard way. I used to answer questions all the time. I never shared links or anything like that either, I gave honest answers to honest questions. Here’s the kicker, some people didn’t like some of my answers so they started reporting my answers and after about a month, I tried to log into the app and had a message saying my account was banned.

How did I get my account back? I wrote a complaint on the Better Business Bureau website and I also emailed their support staff about the issue. About 5 days after emailing their support staff, I tried logging into my account again and I was able to get back in!

The point here is, if you want to make money with the Quora Partner Program, don’t use the app for answering questions. Only use the app for asking questions.

8. My Quora Income Report (Updated Monthly)

Below you will find my personal income reports on a month to month basis. If you take notice, some months I’m making some very good side-income and other months are much lower. Those months that are lower in revenue basically means that none of my questions got enough views or answers to generate a good amount of money.

You will also notice I added my total question counts as well. This will give you a general idea of what it takes to make various amounts on Quora. Some people make a lot more than this and others make a lot less. What really matters is asking good-quality questions that others can benefit from.

Monthly Earnings Report

March 2019 Earnings = $24.39
April 2019 Earnings = $169.42
May 2019 Earnings = $444.29
Total Quora Earnings = $638.10
Total Number Of Questions Asked = 1,605

Proof That Quora Does Pay Their Partner Program Members

quora partner program payment proof

9. Wrap Up

Overall, we really enjoy making easy side cash with the Quora Partner program. If you haven’t been invited yet, start asking questions on a regular basis. Make sure your questions are of good quality and make sure they are the types of questions that will get a lot of views and answers as well. Soon enough, you will get an invite to join their partner program.

If you’re already a member of the Quora Partner program and want to share your comments and opinions, we’d love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to leave us a comment below! We aren’t the types of bloggers that don’t respond to comments either, we’ll respond to everyone.

Thanks for reading our review, and again – we’ll be updating this article on a monthly basis so our readers can see what we’re making each month from the program.

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