These Two Social Media Platforms Suck For Entrepreneurs

worst social media platforms for entrepreneurs

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur.

Trying to make your way to the top and do the best that you can possibly do!

You write some great content, create some dope imagery to go along with it.

Then you post it to all you social media accounts, in hope that you’ll stir up some engagement in the form of likes, shares, or post conversations in the form of comment.

Twelve hours later, you hear nothing but the sound of crickets. No post engagements, maybe 2-5 likes, and nobody talking about your posts.

Quite annoying isn’t it? There’s a reason for this and I’ll get to that reason further down.

Why I created this article

It’s quite simple really. One thing I have noticed quite a bit lately is that entrepreneurs have a really hard time getting post engagements on 2 specific social media platforms.

I took the initiative to find out the root cause for this issue. The number 1 main reason why nobody is engaging with your content has nothing to do with you, or your posts. It’s simply just because people on social media are getting more and more selfish.

Year after year, people are trying to make more money for themselves. This causes random people to go online and start “blogs” and other tiny businesses to try and get a piece of the pie. This simply causes most of your viewers to just skim right past your posts.

It’s quite sad honestly, but yet I’ve noticed it while searching through over 1,000 different social media accounts of various entrepreneurs. People are becoming more and more selfish and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it except to stay away from those platforms and not waste our valuable time on them.

Below are the top 2 worst social media platforms for entrepreneurs.

Facebook (excluding fb advertising)

The big, bad mammoth of them all! Facebook has it’s perks, I won’t lie. Their advertising services are flawless and you can pretty much target anyone you want. In addition, they have so many different types of ads you can run that actually help your business more than you can imagine. I’ve seen it first-hand.

But, there’s a down side (of course). Facebook has gotten extremely BLOATED in the last few years and it has ultimately murdered the app’s overall performance. But that’s not the main reason for Facebook being “bad” for entrepreneurs, I just added that because it’s the truth.

Really though, if you’re an entrepreneur and you have a page for yourself, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the “cricket syndrome” on multiple occasions. It’s extremely hard to get any kind of engagement on Facebook.

I’m sure you’ve joined various groups, have posted in these groups, and haven’t gotten any engagement as well. This is the biggest issue I see with Facebook actually. Not only is it BLOATED in general, but every-single Facebook group is LOADED with redundant “entrepreneurs around the globe that are trying to promote their MLM scams. These people are the reason as to why the real entrepreneurs can’t get anywhere on Facebook.

It’s like a domino effect really. First the MLM scams start posting, then this turns off the real entrepreneurs, so the real-legit entrepreneurs leave those groups and stop using Facebook for their marketing, and the process just repeats over and over.

I feel like the biggest issue with Facebook is ultimately the various groups that have hundreds of thousands of members that post redundant bullshit on a daily basis. It just ruins it for the actual entrepreneurs who are trying to grow a real, legitimate business.

Twitter (what a joke)

Now for the real joke of the article. Twitter!

Twitter is such a joke it’s not even funny. If you’re an entrepreneur, especially a new one, then I’m sure you’ve tried posting various pieces of content multiple times per day. If you have, I’m sure you’ve also noticed that NOBODY cares about your posts whatsoever.

Now, If you’re a new entrepreneur, don’t even think about wasting your time on Twitter. Seriously guys and gals, it’s not worth it.

The problem is that everyone is Twitter is extremely SELFISH! Nobody will share your content and the ONLY way you will get any of your posts to go viral is if you know someone with a large following.

To put it simple, everyone on Twitter is trying to accomplish the exact same thing you are, this is why nobody wants to comment, retweet, or like any of your posts. Overall, stay away from Twitter, it’s a waste of time.

You might think to yourself that if you “stick with it” then you just might get some new followers or some retweets. Sorry to say, but this won’t happen.

Wrapping Up

Someone had to tell you. Both Twitter and Facebook seem to be “the thing to do” but they really aren’t. Don’t let these social media platforms fool you. On the bright side, Instagram is a great alternative, it seems to be the place where people will actually like, share, and talk about your great content.

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