Top 4 Tips For Women Using Dating Apps (From A Guy’s Perspective)

tips for women using dating apps

Alright ladies, this post is for you! We’re talking about Bumble and Tinder today and what you can do about your profile to attract better men. To make it simple, I’ve noticed most women using dating apps have NO IDEA what they’re even looking for.

There’s a few things I have noticed about ladies’ profiles that men aren’t too fond of.

Now, I can’t speak for all men, but for the dudes who are looking for more than just a “hook up”, some of the stuff you put on your profile is actually a huge turn off to us.

Below are my top 4 tips for women using dating apps (from a guy’s perspective).

1. Choose Profile Pictures of “JUST YOU”!

Now you might think that it’s cool to upload pictures of you and your girlfriends drinking the weekend before, but this is a dating app, it’s not Instagram!

Dudes that are looking for love don’t really care about a picture with your girlfriends drinking the weekend beforehand.

Not only that, but when you upload pics like this, it forces us dudes to have to play “I Spy” and figure out which one you are among the group. Not cool!

Use pictures of just you being yourself, that’s a huge turn on to a guy who wants more than just a “hook up”. It shows you’re serious about finding a guy who wants to be with “you”.

2. Delete All The “Dog Mom” Bullshit.

We get it, you love your dog. But again, we’re not trying to date your dog, we’re trying to date “you”.

I see this on literally over 80% of ladies’ profiles. They say their a “dog mom” or a mom to dogs.

First of all, this is disgusting to “real men” that want a serious relationship. It’s disgusting because first of all, you’re calling yourself a dog mom.

Let’s step into reality for a minute and get real, you’re not a “dog mom”, you’re a “dog owner” who happens to love their dog. Saying you’re a “dog mom” shows us guys that want a relationship that you have no sense of practical reality. That’s just the harsh truth.

We don’t care about how many dogs you have or if you’re a dog mom, all of that text on your profile is wasted space that you could have used to talk someone into being interested in you instead. You see where I’m going with this?

It’s redundant towards the overall goal of being on Bumble or Tinder in the first place. It has nothing to do with finding love whatsoever.

3. We Aren’t Interested In How Much You Travel.

This one is legitimate. Think about it for a minute, really dive deep into this and think about it. If a guy is looking for a serious relationship, do you really think he’s going to be interested in a female who is always traveling? Not a chance in hell, why? Simply because it shows the guy that you’ll never be around. That’s just common sense humanity right there to be honest.

I’ll be honest here, many ladies’ profiles all say “Not Looking For A Hookup” but yet the things they write on their profiles are ONLY attracting guys that just want a hookup! This is another thing guys think about. Guys that want a relationship will think about that fact and realize “Hey, this girl sounds like she has no idea what she wants” and that’s a HUGE turn off.

If you want a real relationship and a long-term one at that, cut the shit and quit writing stuff that only attracts the man whores who just want to fuck and be done with you or hurt you in the end. Simple as that. It’s a matter of human psychology and understanding what different types of guys “want” to hear, in relation to what type of relationship they’re looking for.

4. Only Engage With Guys That You’re Truly Interested In.

If you see a “hot” dude on the dating app and you’re only purpose of messaging him is because he’s “hot”, don’t even bother. This happens to so many dudes it’s not even funny.

Nine times out of ten, that conversation will end up going stale within a few days. Either you’ll find another “hot” dude to talk to, or he’ll find a different girl to talk to. It’s just a huge waste of time to both of you.

If you want to take your dating life seriously and you’re truly looking for someone, really dive deep and picture yourself being with that person before you go and message them. Don’t base it off of whether your vagina will be aroused by looking at him or not.

I guarantee I’ll get so much shit from women who are in denial about this, but I also hope I can open some women’s eyes as well. Don’t take this article “personal” and just change a few things up. If you’re truly looking for love and you’ve been finding wrong guy after wrong guy, change up your profile, you just might be surprised. 

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