Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain | Say Goodbye To Back Pain

Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain | Say Goodbye To Back Pain

best office chairs for good posture

Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain | Say Goodbye To Back Pain

Do you struggle with back pain while sitting gin your chair at the office or at home? Do you ever notice your posture getting worse over time? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re sitting in the wrong office chair. Don’t worry though, we’re going to show you the top 5 best office chairs for back pain.

We tested 12 different office chairs and reviewed the top 5 so you wouldn’t have to waste time doing your own research.

So what’s stopping you from purchasing a new office chair that would be 10x better on your back? Is it the price? Or is it the fact that there are literally hundreds of models to choose from and you have no idea what to get? My guess is, it’s a mixture of not knowing what to get and not getting around to actually purchasing one.

Think about it this way though, you only have 1 spine. Since you only have 1 spine, you should take it seriously and do whatever you can to protect it from future damage.

If you’re someone who sits in an office chair all day, you can end up doing all sorts of damage to your back and not even realize it until you’re in pain. One of the most painful types of damage is a herniated disc. Herniated discs are all too common when it comes to spending days on end in an office chair that’s just hurting you in the long run.

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  1. Office Chair Buying Tips | What To Look For
  2. Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain
  3. Wrap Up

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1. Office Chair Buying Tips | What To Look For

When it comes to buying an ergonomic office chair there are a few factors to take into consideration. In addition, we know how easy it can be to buy an office chair based on looks. Most people do this and it ends up hurting them in the long run. Don’t buy based on looks, but based on your needs, especially if you’re going to be sitting in it for years on a daily basis!

Quick Buying Tips

Below are 3 quick buying tips and what to look for. Not all are necessary but you want to make sure that whatever chair you buy, it supports at least one of these features.

  • Headrests Are Good – If the office chair has a headrest, you’ll be in good shape. Headrests are nice because when you’re sitting in the chair, it forces your body to sit with your back straight. Obviously, this would be great for supporting a good posture.
  • Spine Support – Take a look at some of the office chairs where the back section is in the shape of a spine. They are designed like that on purpose. These chairs conform to the natural bend in your spine and will support a good posture all day long.
  • Lumbar Support – Lumbar support is where the chair has a bit of a lift under the bottom part of your thighs. It’s not absolutely necessary but if you can get one with lumbar support, even better! Basically what this type of chair does is it helps your body to stay in a 90-degree angle, keeping your back straight at the same time.

Overall, the top 5 best office chairs for back pain that we chose for this review all have at least one of these types of support. The goal here is to have a better posture. Better posture equals a healthier spine in the long run. A healthier spine equals no back pain in the future from sitting with poor posture for years on end.

2. Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

When testing these office chairs, we found this first one, the Homall High Back to be the absolute most comfortable chair to sit in. The cushion in the back, plus the headrest made it very comfortable and kept the spine very straight as well. If you’re looking for an office chair that will promote good posture and minimize back pain, this chair would be the best choice. The rest of the chairs we chose will work just fine as well but as far as comfortability goes, the Homall was the most comfortable and would be if you’re sitting in the chair for many hours at a time.

Homall Office Chair

1. Homall Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

best office chairs for good posture

This chair was our favorite. It has a nice style, nice design, and it even looks cool! But the best part about this chair is it has a nice comfortable headrest. In addition, it also has a high back and a pillow that supports your spine while sitting. This chair was very comfortable. Due to its spine support and cushion headrest, we placed this chair as our number 1 for being one of the best office chairs for back pain.

Product Details:

  • Selected Material: High Density shaping Foam, more comfortable, anti-oxidation, elasticity resilience, and service life; 1.8mm thick steel frame, more sturdy and stable; Pu Leather, skin-friendly and wear-resisting.
  • Upgraded Configuration: Class-3 gas lift verified by SGS, durable, reliable and supports up to 300lbs; Rubber casters, rolling quietly and tested by 1000 miles rolling.
  • Dimension: Size of Back: 22.5″X30.5″(LXW), Size of Seat: 19.8″X20.5″(LXW), Seat adjustable height:17.3-21.5 inch.
  • Multi-Function: 360 Degree Swivel and Multi-direction Wheels, Load Capacity: 300-pound maximum weight capacity. Recline function; Between 90 – 180 degrees. Rocking function: the chair can rock back and forth when you adjust the knob beneath the seat.
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Hbada Ergonomics

2. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

best office chairs for good posture

What’s great about this office chair is that it has an ergonomic mesh back with a headrest. Some office chairs make your back feel kind of sweaty after long periods of sitting. This chair does not since it has a mesh back to it. In addition, it also has a headrest that helps support your spine while sitting all day long.

Product Details:

  • DOUBLE S ERGONOMIC – This modern high back mesh chair features Ergonomic-Human-Curve designed backrest and headrest which creates total spinal support.So that the chair moves with postures to hold the spine perfectly and ease pressure & pain on the back for everyday use.
  • STAY COMFY FOR 8 HOURS – Ergonomic mesh back allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through which keeps away the buildup of heat and humidity close to the body. And this chair also offers an upgraded big ergonomic & adjustable seat with comfortable foam padding.
  • MODERN SLEEK STYLE – Based on Structural Mechanics Principles, this Minimalism style chair is a compelling seating choice that refreshes your office with its modern and fashion sense. The aircraft inverted triangular chair back also conveys persistence and assiduity in its concept.
  • FULL RECLINING SYSTEM – Synchronized tilt mechanism provides smooth, effortless recliner and enables personalized fit, lock at any angle between 90 – 150 degrees, which makes it a perfect office partner – back straighten up for Work Mode and full reclining for Rest Mode.

Overall Consumer Rating (based on 182 reviews) = 4 out of 5 stars

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Mid-Back Swivel Chair

3. Mid-Back Ergonomic Mesh Swivel Chair

best office chairs for good posture

This mesh task chair provides exceptional support to the hard-working professionals in your office. Transparent mesh across the back allows air to circulate, keeping you cool no matter how high the pressure gets. Built-in lumbar support helps prevent back strain and muscle fatigue.

The swivel seat is padded with three-inches of CA117 fire retardant foam and covered with black mesh upholstery. Its waterfall edge is designed to relieve pressure and promote healthy blood flow to your legs. Raise and lower the seat using the pneumatic seat height adjustment lever, conveniently located under the seat.

Turn the tilt tension adjustment knob to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to rock or recline. Lock the seat in place with the tilt lock mechanism. Padded armrests take the pressure off your shoulders and neck, and flip-up and out of the way, as needed.

The heavy-duty, nylon base with dual wheel casters makes it easy to roll across the floor. Whether it’s a day filled with meetings or you’re working to beat a tight deadline, this stylish chair will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your busy day.

Product Details:

  • Mid-Back Design. Seat Size- 20.25 W x 19 D inches. Seat Height- 17.25 – 20.75 H inches.
  • Back Width: 17”-20”. Weight Capacity- 250 pounds. Minimum Seat Height- 17.250 Inches. Maximum Seat Height- 20.750 Inches.Minimum Arm Height From Floor- 26.250 Inches. Maximum Arm Height From Floor- 30.250 Inches.
  • Ventilated Mesh Back Material.
  • Built-In Lumbar Support.
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism.
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob.
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Killabee Memory Foam Chair

4. Killabee Ergonomic Memory Foam Chair

best office chairs for good posture

Killabee brings you a racing chair designed with an emphasis on ergonomics. The chair can perfectly fit your body shape, give you the most comfortable support. Killabee is more than a chair to sit, it’s an artwork that can provide you all-day relaxation.

Product Details:

  • MULTIFUNCTION: Adjustable height, back angle and recline locking system to lock the back at any angle up to 175 degrees; 360-degree swivel.
  • PLUSH COMFORT: High-density thicker foam and premium PU leather, which offers superb stability and provides comfortable seating feeling; Padded adjustable lumbar cushion for great support; The high backrest and seat ensure proper alignment and support of your spine as well as your neck.
  • HIGH-SECURITY: Integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards, high-quality nylon base with smooth-rolling castors make a superb stable structure. (Maximum weight capacity: 250LB)
  • LARGE SIZE: Overall dimension: 26.0″ x 26.0″x 48.4″- 51.2″ (W x D x H); seating area dimension: 21.3″ x 20.1″ (W x D); backrest dimension: 21.3″ x 31.9″ (W x H).
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Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

5. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

best office chairs for good posture

Product Details:

  • Two-way fine-tuning healthy lumbar pillow protects the lumbar spine, integrated by the bracket Support shoulder vertebrae, multi-dimensional free rotating head pillow to protect the Cervical vertebra, 10cm lift 360° rotation is flexible and suitable for office environment, 120° back-adjustment office rest and correctness, soft cotton and soft cotton cushion is soft and comfortable, sedentary is not easy to deform, Adjustable handrail.
  • SIHOO is recommended by the Ergonomics Application Association. SIHOO’s ergonomic design is based on the human dynamic digital model. The ridge backrest and the human spine are exactly the same. Fitting closer together helps release spinal pressure. SIHOO will make you more comfortable.
  • The tensile strength of the good net mesh cloth is better than ordinary fabric. The smooth and thickened PU castors don’t scrape the floor. The steady high strength alloy gas lift is safe and guaranteed.
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3. Wrap Up

Overall if you’re tired of sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the office that’s been giving you back pain, it might be worth it to invest in a better chair. Any of the chairs will help to alleviate that back pain for the long term.

Keep in mind that the number 1 thing you can do is improve your overall posture and that’s another thing that these chairs will help with as well.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these office chairs, feel free to leave a comment below. Or, if you prefer messaging us directly, feel free to leave is a message using our contact form on our contact page and we will respond to your email in a timely manner.

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