Top 5 Best Soundbars Under 200 Dollars | Best Soundbar Review

best soundbars under $200

Top 5 Best Soundbars Under 200 Dollars | Best Soundbar Review

Do you watch TV on a regular basis? Do you have movie nights with the family frequently? If so, you might want to think about getting a good quality soundbar to boost the experience! In this review, you’re going to discover our top 5 picks for the best soundbars under 200 dollars.

If you’re looking for the ultimate home theater experience but don’t want the hassle of dealing with five small speakers from a home theater system, then these soundbars will be great for you!

We spent two days in Best Buy for this review and gathered all kinds of statistics and information from the sales associates. Ultimately, we wanted to find out which brands were bought most often, which brands had the best reviews, and which brands had the overall best sound quality.

In the end, we came out with eight different soundbars that we loved. However, for this review article, we’re only going to share our top 5 picks!

We’ll also share some other information as well considering this is a product review and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible while shopping for a new soundbar. Every soundbar that we’re going to show you is under 200 dollars.

We figured that most people are going to be on a budget so we wanted to make sure that the soundbars we picked were at an affordable price point.

Table of Contents

Topics Covered In This Product Review

  1. What Is A Soundbar?
  2. Is It Worth It To Buy A Soundbar?
  3. Are Soundbars Compatible With All TV’s?
  4. Can I Use A Soundbar With My Gaming PC?
  5. Top 5 Best Soundbars Under 200 Dollars
  6. Wrap Up

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1. What Is A Soundbar?

In simple terms, a soundbar is a loudspeaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure. Soundbars are much wider than they are taller, this is mainly for acoustical reasons. However, they are also very wide so that they can be mounted below or above a TV or computer monitor as well.

Don’t confuse yourself with the term “home theater system” either. Soundbars are not home theater systems as they do not provide that deep all-around bass that you would get from a typical 5.1 channel surround sound or home theater system.

Soundbars are typically for people who aren’t too fond of the standard sound coming from their TV but also don’t have a use for a multi-speaker home theater system. They’re also great for people who enjoy the clean and crisp sound, without the deep bass from a home theater system.

2. Is It Worth It To Buy A Soundbar?

This is opinion based but we feel that it is definitely worth it to buy a soundbar. Soundbars are pretty small and versatile. They can be positioned almost anywhere around your television or gaming PC and are extremely easy to set up. They’re not as expensive as a traditional surround sound system either, so anyone who wants some decent sound can get one.

The only issue with soundbars is that since they are on the smaller side, they lack flexibility when it comes to positioning. What we mean by this is that they do not fill a room with sound as well as a surround sound or home theater system does.

3. Are Soundbars Compatible With All TV’s?

In today’s world, yes. Pretty much all soundbars are compatible with any smart TV on the market. They are generally connected to each other with a USB cable and typically plug into the back of your smart TV. This is assuming that most people have smart TV’s as well.

4. Can I Use A Soundbar With My Gaming PC?

Oh yes, same as them being compatible with any smart TV. Your gaming PC likely has the same USB ports as a smart TV has, therefore you should be able to plug it in with no issues at all.

5. Top 5 Best Soundbars Under 200 Dollars

Are you ready to finally see some soundbars? Below are our top 5 picks for the best soundbars on the market that are under 200 dollars! This first YAMAHA soundbar was our absolute favorite as it is sleek, stylish, and provides phenomenal sound quality.

Yamaha YAS-108 (BEST SOUND)

1. Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar

best soundbars under $200 in 2019

Complement your TV with theater-quality sound from your favorite movies, music, and games. This ultra-slim sound bar fits discreetly in front of your TV or on a shelf or can be rotated for a low-profile wall mount. Setup is a breeze with a simple connection to your TV while Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream from your mobile devices and Bluetooth-capable Amazon Alexa devices.

Product Details:

  • Built-in subwoofers for Deep bass in one slim soundbar.
  • A clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity. Bluetooth Maximum Communication Range- 33 ft. (without obstructions).
  • DTS Virtual: x Virtual 3D surround sound.
  • Bluetooth streaming that allows easy switching between two devices.
  • Simple setup with HDMI, optical or aux Connection.
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Sony CT290

2. Sony CT290 Ultra-Slim Soundbar

best soundbars under $200 in 2019

Bring every song, show and movie to life. With 300 watts of power and 2.1ch S-Force Surround Sound, you’ll feel like you’re at the heart of everything with a clear, mid and high range, while the wireless subwoofer fills in the rumbling lows.

Product Details:

  • 300W power, plus 2.1ch S-Force PRO Front Surround sound.
  • Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth; Slot-in design.
  • Save space with the ultra-slim, wall-mountable design.
  • Hear clearer voices with Voice Mode and clearer sound at low volumes with Night Mode.
  • Control your TV and soundbar with a single remote via HDMI ARC.
  • Music playback via USB.
  • Product Dimensions: 35.43 x 2.05 x 3.39 inches (sound bar), 6.69 x 13.46 x 14.25 inches (subwoofer) Item Weight: 5.07 lb (sound bar), 13.89 lb (subwoofer).
  • In the box: Sony 2.1-Channel Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier, Batteries, Footpad, Optical cable, Owner’s manual, Wall hanging template, Warranty card.
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Polk Audio

3. Polk Audio SB225 Universal Soundbar

best soundbars under $200 in 2019

The Polk Audio 31″ universal sound bar features both optical and auxiliary inputs for connecting a tv, DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and more. With built-in Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect your phone, tablet, PC or other Bluetooth device wirelessly. Smart bar technology enables the sound bar to learn your tv’s remote, minimizing the clutter of multiple remotes.

Product Details:

  • Compatible with most TVs-plus, smart bar technology enables the soundbar to learn your tv’s remote.
  • Connects directly to your tv, DVD or Blu-ray player, or gaming console.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology stereo quality sound from your iPhone, Android, tablet or other compatible devices.
  • Remote control included with source selection and bass level control.
  • Built-in keyhole slots on soundbar for easy wall-mounting.
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4. Samsung HW-M450 Soundbar

home theater

Powerful Bass: Don’t let wires get in the way of your bass. Set the wireless subwoofer anywhere in your space and surround yourself with richer, deeper bass.

Feel the action like never before: The Surround Sound Expansion feature adds depth and brings a new dimension to deliver more a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

Stream your favorite music: Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily stream and play music wirelessly from Bluetooth compatible devices, like your smartphone or tablet.

Connect your way: Connect your Soundbar to your Samsung TV with ease and without the clutter of wires via Bluetooth. Or connect via HDMI for the best audio and video experience.

Product Details:

  • 2.1 Channel Soundbar System with Dolby Digital sound and surround sound expansion deliver added depth, while the Soundbars wireless Bluetooth connectivity lets you fill the room with your favorite music.
  • Set the wireless subwoofer anywhere in your space and surround yourself with richer, deeper bass.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily stream and play music wirelessly from Bluetooth compatible devices, like your smartphone or tablet.
  • Control your home entertainment system from your phone or mobile device with the Samsung Audio Remote App.
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5. VIZIO 2.1 Channel Soundbar System

home theater

Introducing the all-new VIZIO 36″ 2.1 sound bar system, designed to complement 40”+ class tv’s. Boost your TV audio and enjoy your entertainment in Full audio clarity. The wireless subwoofer delivers a room-filling audio experience with deep thumping bass. TV shows, movies, and sports games become loud and clear. Upgrade to premium audio with performance that delivers up to 100dB of sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. the sound bar also connects you with your favorite music.

With Bluetooth capability built-in, you can stream music from your smartphone or other compatible music players with high-quality sound. Lose the wires and listen to your music with a tap of a finger from anywhere in the room. Complement your TV with a minimalist design that blends in with any room of your home.

Product Details:

  • Amazon Exclusive 2018 Model with DTS Virtual: X
  • DTS Virtual: X delivers virtual overhead sound for an immersive sound experience.
  • Wireless subwoofer: experience room-shaking bass with the wireless subwoofer.
  • Bluetooth: stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth.
  • Audio quality: enjoy 100 dB of room-filling, Crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion.
  • Set up in minutes: all cables included.
  • Sound Enhancement Technology: Dolby Digital, DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruSurround, DTS TruVolume.
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6. Wrap Up

We tried our best to provide you with the best soundbars under 200 dollars that you would absolutely love. However, there are so many models inside the stores, and they all sound pretty great. Our top 5 choices are built by some of the best brands in the industry.

Still having trouble deciding what kind of soundbar to get? Not a problem. If you’re having trouble, feel free to leave us a comment below. However, if you aren’t interested in leaving a comment and would rather contact u directly, feel free to fill out our contact form on our contact page. We will respond to your inquiry and provide you with assistance within 24 hours.

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